Not Knowing What to Blog


I know, I know, I didn’t post this morning, and I have been for the last few days so I’ve let the blog down, but I couldn’t think what to post And I hate HATE posting about something I don’t really want to, just so there is A post there to read. Because what’s the point in putting up a blog post just for the sake of having something published? 

Well, I had no ideas to write down. I bought and thought and thought, but I couldn’t come up with a single post idea, so that’s where we are now. But I think that’s ok, and there shouldn’t be any pressure to have to post all the time, just to keep people interested. It should be about what the blogger wants to write, and when, about whatever they’re interested in, not just writing loads of posts so you don’t lose your followers. 

So, I have decided I will try and post every day, because I love to blog, but there will be no pressure, and if I just feel like blogging about what’s on my mind, then I will. There may be no new makes or drawings, but that’s ok, because I wouldn’t expect that from other bloggers either. 

Blogging is great, and I think it’s amazing the amount of inspiring and cool and creative posts there are out there, but you can’t have great posts all the time, your brain can’t keep up, so take it slow, and figure out what you want to blog about, then start writing. 

So, anyway, after that little ramble, I will leave you to breathe,blink, and realise it’s ok not to pressurise yourself to post every day. Have a lovely day chums 🙂

P.s. The picture is of a half drawn fox I started. 


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