You haven’t read this book? :0

Good Evening everyone! (Or whatever time you are at)

If you have seen or got this, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you haven’t, well where have you been all this time? 

I want to start with Wreck this Journal. Keri Smith’s books are simply a creative person’s dream. You can be as wreckless as you want, OR you can love this book to bits and read through it a million and two times, but never wreck a page because you love it just too much….ahem, me. 🙂

I now own Wreck this Journal, Wreck this Journal Everywhere , How to be an explorer of the world, Finish this Book, and the pocket scavenger. My favourite of the five? Wreck this Journal everywhere. Defo! 

Basically, it’s a book, *no waay*, and on each page is a description, for example, ‘fruit stickers’ and you can collect those things and stick them in that page. 

The funny thing is, I have collected so many bits and bobs and especially thick things, so the book has fanned up and is SO FULL! Whoops! 

It’s one of my favourite books to take on holidays and trips out, so you can remember to collect bottle tops or tea bags on your way. It reminds you of that holiday you went on, or that nature walk you walked on a while ago, with a little souvenir, if you like. I have coins, leaves, lids, labels, stickers, so many things just in this little book! There is also a gap to write a short description and the date and location, it’s so handy.

Some Books by Keri Smith!

  • Wreck this Journal
  • Wreck this Journal Everywhere
  • Finish this Book
  • The Pocket Scavenger
  • This is not a book
  • How to be an Explorer of the World
  • The Wander Society

And so many more AMAZING books I love so much. 



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