The Best 3 Things about Wednesdays

Happy Mid week you lot!

I feel like we need some positivity in this post today! After yesterday’s post about…well not much in particular, today is gonna be happyyy 🙂 and yes, there will be many smiley faces included 😉

I can read your mind. You’re thinking …I don’t know, what is good about Wednesday’s? And you can’t think of much.

But I assure you you will.

So I will start off with the first reason, and of course, this reason simply has to be because the Great British Bake Off is on TV tonight. If Bake Off isn’t on your TV for any reason, feel free to read on to the next reason if ya wish 😉 But I just think it can cheer up your evening 100%, it’s such a cosy programme and I love love it. But what about the terrible news that they will pack up the famous tent with Union Jack bunting and travelling on to channel four, eh? I mean, Just whyy. Guys no saying spoilers if you have read this after watching!! Teehee

SECONDLY, dun dun , is that it’s halfway through the week until the weekend, meaning you have already slugged through Monday and Tuesday, how about that? If you think of it that way you’ll feel a lot better. Don’t think, uh two whole more days, think YAY, two days down, Thursday-IM COMIN FOR YA! 

Reason Numero 3, You often can relax, do you know why? Because you’re going to finish this reading this, 

Stand up/get up/roll out of bed

And you’re gonna grab that massive pile of school work, work or whatever other paperwork really needs doing and you’re mind won’t be put to rest until it gets done, and you’re going to attack it with all your might and gusto (just for those who didn’t get me, I don’t physically mean attack it because that might get you into trouble 😛 but I do mean you will complete it with great passion and ………..determination *when you can’t remember that ONE word >: * )

Because trust me, you will feel  10  1000000 TIMES BETTER once you have. I’m behind you all the way! 🙂 

Happy bye bye 🙂



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