7 Books for Creative MESS

Although I tend to be one of those people who never want to ruin such cool books like these, sometimes letting loose with a pencil and mud is all you need to loosen up!

Here are my favourite books to let your crazy imagination fly away in. From taking a book for a walk, to covering a page with squares, these books have it all. 🙂

1. My absolute favourite book for going crazy simply has to be Wreck this Journal. Here, I have Wreck this Journal everywhere, which is essentially, a travel or pocket version, so the tasks are more outdoorsy with ‘a few old favourites’. 

It’s a great book to carry around in your rucksack or suitcase when you go on your travels. It will make sure your creativeness doesn’t break. 😉

2. Creative Scribbles is a big thick book for scribbling and doodling to your heart’s content. If you’re more into staying at home on the sofa with a pen and pencil, then this book is for you! 

There are pages such as, ‘Create a pattern using symbols from your computer keyboard’, and ‘Shade these pages, then use a rubber to cut lines through it.’. It’s so cute with really cool patterns on all the pages. Along with quotes from artists and famous people chucked in there too. 

3. Another Keri Smith Favourite, is Finish this Book. Or should I say, F NISH TH S B  K? This book is absolutely perfect for taking on holiday, or filling in at bedtime. I love love love all the pages, because they have such unique ideas in them and it makes filling the pages in so interesting! 

There is also a great story behind it too, which is interesting to read, because you can be a detective in this book!

I have so far done pages where you must cut out a disguise and take a photo of you wearing it (this was so funny!) and other pages where you crack codes and do memory tests, it’s a creative way to solve the ‘mystery’. 

4. I adore the 3D Bubble Writer book, by Linda Scott. It’s a full size A4 book which is full of bubble writing ideas and of course spaces for you to create your own! It shows ways of making lettering into bunting, 3D models, badges and so much moore! 

One of my favourite parts of the book, because I obvs have loads, is the page where you can make letter paper chains. The paper feel pages are so tactile too! It’s such an amazing book for teaching someone bubble writing. 

5. The fifth book, has to be Zen Doodling. I am crazy over this book! 

It teaches ways to draw zen doodles, patterns, mandalas, the LOT! *the point where I realise I have pretty much emptied my whole bookshelf because I love these books :P* By Carolyn Scrace, this book has creativity and doodles literally crammed in every corner. There are tutorials on how to draw basic patterns, to huge collages and mandalas. There are so many ideas on how to express your zen doodles elsewhere aswell, like drawing on shoes or gift tags, every page looks great and is a hive of inspiration if ever you need it!

My favourite page would have to be Creating Borders, because they look so cool! 🙂

6. Next up on my list, I have How to Draw Funky Animals, basically a little book that shows over 100 cartoon animals and how to draw most too! I have had this book for a little while now, but I still reach for it every now and again, because the artist’s style is just so cute and quirky. I love every page, from penguins to tropical fish, to moles. There are so many animals in this book you won’t ever fail an animal drawing again! 

This book was illustrated by Fiona Gowen, and my favourite page is the ‘Fluffy friends’ because they’re just soo unbelievably cayuute!

7. Sketching type, is my last, but definitely not least book that is great for creative mess! I mentioned this one a while ago, but it’s just so great, I guess I couldn’t help but mention it again, you know…teehee. So, this book teaches you a lot more about typography, fonts and lettering, there is space to write and practise in, but the best bit of it, is that every now and again you get a bit about where the names came from, and a bit of history. This book is a bit more sophisticated and complicated than the bubble writer book, for instance, but still a great one to have on your Inspo shelf, am I right? 🙂

Have a great day doodlezens,

Tabi Bee



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