My Blog Goals

We all want to have a blog with 1000 amazing followers overnight, but realistically we can’t because we learn along the way. All our photography is pixelly, dark and grainy in the start,  The site is rough around the edges, we haven’t found what our style  really is yet, and overall the blog isn’t great. But that’s ok, because over time, we improve this, and we improve that, until we are satisfied with how it looks. Lighter, better composed photos with a sharper camera…a personality coming through in writing…a proper site with a logo and we’ll set out. The content gets better and so does the quantity of content. You’re no longer writing a post with four lines and getting stuck. We improve until more people are liking what you post, and so are we. 

I have only been blogging since around August. That’s not long, but already I have learned SO much, and know that I definitely want to carry on blogging for a lot longer. My goals have definitely shown their faces to me, and I know now where I want it to go and what I want for my blog. 

Firstly, I want to aim to have found 50 new follower chums, by the 1st November because they are the people who make this blog come alive. They can give Busy Bee suggestions, advice and feedback, plus they are just amazing people with amazing blogs themselves. This may be a big ask, but i will keep improving and keep trying until I get there. 

Then, I aim to keep improving my blogs photography. Recently, I have been trying out with lighter and brighter photos of objects and hopefully this will be to the liking of many Busy Bees. 

I want to try new things. Crafts, techniques, ways of making things. Whatever it is, I want to give it a go and hopefully teach myself, so then I can teach others too. 

I’d like to gain enough viewers that I could host a competition. I would need more people commenting ideas and suggestions, that would be great. 🙂

Improve my creativity and writing skills for blogging. I hope I can improve so that I have good quality content with all my creative ideas that hopefully you lot like. I want to make people happy and inspire them to get making.

If Busy Bee gets more popular over time, that would be really cool and then I would not have to post two or three posts every day. Eventually I would go down to maybe a post every two days, or even once a week, but for now I am really enjoying posting every day , when I can, of course! 

Just enjoying blogging, because I am passionate and interested in it! I loved blogging from the first time I read someone’s blog. There are so many amazing cute blogs whether they are lifestyle, food, travel or creative blogs, they are all amazing, and to be able to post great posts is an achievement in itself!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Be sure to let me know if you have any blog post ideas that you want me to do, I’m more than happy! I respond to every single comment, so feel free! happy days, Tabi Bee at Busy Bee. 🙂

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