Relax Club

I want to first say a big SORRY, for the lack of posts the last couple of days. Now I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who always say ‘so sorry guys I couldn’t post today blah blah’ , but I thought i had better say a quick apology to you that there has been a lack of emails with a new post popping in ya inbox. I was very busy with school work and was very tired yesterday so I just didn’t have the time and effort. I will make sure I schedule some posts next time so I don’t just have blank days, whoopsies 🙂

But, here is a brand new post and I have called it ‘Relax Club’ because I want to give you all the best ways to have a nice relaxing evening or wind down after a busy day at work or school or maybe you’ve been exercising lots and are EXHAUSTED. 

So, welcome to the Relax Club, and here is my first step. Take a deep breath and read on fellas. 

#1 Relaxation is More Important than Working

 It’s just oh so true, however you look at it. Although having a huge important essay due tomorrow morning is very important, so is relaxing and having that all important ‘me time’. Put down that pen, stop typing at your laptop in the dark, and go and make yourself a warm drink, then run a lovely warm bubble bath and just…enjoy. Even if you just have a nap for fifteen minutes and come back to your homework a while later, it will leave you feeling fresh and ready again. 

If you are pulling your hair out with stress just because of a little bit of work, take time to step back, and have a nice chat with someone, you will relax quicker and be ready to tackle it another day. 

#2 Prepare for Work early

There’s nothing worse than at nine o clock at night, you suddenly realise you have a whole project you were supposed to spend months on due tomorrow. We all know the feeling, and it’s way up there on the stress o meter. But what can you do? Surely you have no choices? 

Well preparing for a test, project or presentation days or weeks earlier can leave you feeling a lot more relaxed knowing all that work is out the way, done and dusted. So make a calendar or timetable chart to tell yourself on which days you will do a certain bit of homework and make sure you leave plenty of spare time just in case you forgot a part of the work.

I can hardly say I’m the best at this, but when you get into a routine of early work, you will soon get used to it, and you can leave those days of stressing late at night behind! 

#3 Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Ok, so this probably sounds the weirdest step, but it is by far the one that has worked best for me. I kind of stumbled across this step one day when I had finished tidying my room and downstairs. I was about to start doing some work, when I realised I felt so relaxed. It was so strange. I was doing my school work and I felt…well, happy! 

With a tidy, uncluttered space to work in, you feel more at ease, I’m not sure why, but maybe partly because there isn’t that stress of knowing you NEED tidy up soon and that you know where everything is. 

Even if it’s just a quick whizz around your room to make it look more organised, that’s fine- it will defo help you have a tidy mind aswell.

#4 Be ready for the Next day, the Night Before

There’s nothing less relaxing than knowing you need to prepare a lunch for tomorrow, and put all your paperwork in a folder, oh and email lots of people. I mean, come on, you’re not exactly going to sleep with a great long list of jobs to get ready in the morning, are you? 

To fix this, make sure the night before, you have everything packed in your bag, you have sent messages to everyone you need to, and you have done all those jobs. You will feel so much better once you have ticked off an imaginary checklist in your head, long nights sleep, here I come!

#5 Practise for Presentations

Reading through your script a gazillion and one times so that you know it off by heart, and back to front, will ensure you can skip to work or school knowing you will ace that presentation speech. 

A great tip for presenting or learning words on paper, is to write different lines in different colours or highlight them, this will make it easier to read and remember for the dreaded day where you must read it in front of all those people. 

Practise reading in front of a group of friends or family members several times, toget used to presenting, and don’t stare straight down at your notes!

See you next time, Busy Bees!


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