Bird Spotting, Birthday Stuff and Banana!

Happy Sunday you lovely people,

Ok, so a bit of a weird title, I know…but I had an interesting day I thought I would share with anyone who wants to listen! In fact, it wasn’t so much interesting, more like AMAZING! I had such a great time with family and also had a great walk that felt really magical because we went down all sorts of twisty turns wooden walkways that were really curved through the forest, it was incredible! 

The sun was out and shining so we took a walk in a lovely gorgeous nature reserve. There were tons and tons of birds, all sorts sat in the water or flying off. I managed to get a few pictures too whilst we were out and so I got to practise my photography which I really enjoyed a lot. 

Later on also, I hope to watch a film which was a present, and have a cosy Sunday night on the sofa watching TV. But before I talk about that, really I should talk about the amazing gifts family and friends got me, I feel so special! I almost feel I don’t deserve such amazing gifts from you all! 

I’m so grateful, and very happy that the weather decided to shine on Sunday! A great day overall, I hope that everyone reading this had a fantastic time today, and if not, hope you enjoyed this post that possibly cheered you up a bit. 🙂

Happy smiles,



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