Busy Bee’s 2 Month Anniversary

Yup, it has been exactly two whole months of days this blog has been open for. Wow!

Hey again bloggers, today I want to write about this blog’s birthday. Soo, I have only been blogging for a couple of months, but I already have 30 great people who are passionate about similar things to me and they’re all great, every one of you. 

I just find it amazing how the blogging community has grown. There are millions of topics and subjects, and the reason being-you can literally write and post about WHATEVER you want to. Whether it’s your adventures in a different country or your favourite films to watch. The list is so long. Like SERIOUSLY long. And it’s incredible that people as normal as me can just pick up the keyboard or laptop, orwhatever, and just write whatever they feel like saying in words. 

I have loved reading other people’s posts and blogs, not only because I love their web design and photography, but because they are so true and so honest. You can alost imagine them right next to you chatting to you because their personalities are so clear. They don’t twist stories just for the blog, they just tell things how it is and that’s so cool!

Ok, so bare with me whilst I go grab a picture of something, mwaha you cannot know what yet until I have finished off that blog post. 🙂

Rightty, er where was I? 

I also think it can help you perfect your style. This might be fashion, or this might be art. Pushing yourself to blog more often about your doodles and drawings makes you do it more. Makes you pick up your own and skecthbook and just draw. Even if it is only a squiggly line or whatever. It’s still art. As long as you are enjoying your hobby then that’s what matters. 

I sit on the sofa with my headphones over my ears and my iPad or laptop to hand, and I…just write.nthats literally all bloggers do. They don’t work as a big company to create mass produced posts and content. Bloggers are just people wanting to share their life or skills, because it’s such a great community with amazing happy, inspiring people in it. I hope all the amazing blogs I have found myself carry on being amazing and stay successful because they deserve it. Go on, give yerself a pat on the back.

I have already been amazed that in just two months I have found so many blogging friends, just through writing and photographing, but mainly being myself. The fact I have found these amazing people and bloggers through this blog makes me smile every day. I think anyone who is interested in this kind of thing, and in fact can post regularly (and no, I’m most certainly not talking about me I always forget haha) should and can start their very own blog. But some even just like following and reading their favourite blogs, because who doesn’t like a cup of tea and a blog to read? I certainly DO. Uh, now I really want a cup of tea…

I’m not actually sure if anyone will want to read this, or even understand what I’m getting at, but I think at least my main point came through in what I wrote, and that point was that the blogging community is great, full of great people. 

Happy Blogging!




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