Glossy VS Matte Clay?

So, which is best? 

Well i have been rather busy (on Sunday this is ) testing which I think works best. 

A glossy varnish finish using my Fimo gloss varnish that  I recently recieved on my birthday. (It basically smells exactly like nail polish)

Or…just matte. So leaving the clay after baking it in the oven and not varnishing the surface with anything. 

In this post I have tested and compared the two, ta da! Read on to see what I thought!

So, I started off by actually making the pineapple, oh wait I forgot to tell you I was making a pineapple…anyway, so I moulded the yellow clay into a pineappley rounded shape, which was surprisingly quick and easy. Then I went on and made the leaves, a bit more fiddly but I managed in the end…finally I sculpted the little eyes and mouth. The mouth is ALWAYS the most fiddly bit, I assure you. It goes all thin at the ends, or too big or small, too fat, it breaks, literally anything can go wrong with the mouth, oh, or worse case scenario; you drop the mouth and you NEVER see it again. Uh, I hate those times…


Mr Pineapple Spikey Hair went in the oven for twenty minutes at 100 degrees, but I remembered to put a little metal hook in the top, which was also a recent gift from family, SO USEFUL for clay work! 

After those quick twenty mins were up, and I had come back from blogging, the pineapple emerged from the oven, to cool down. They take quite a while to cool down fully, and I wanted to make sure he had, so I could put the varnish on when it was completely cool. 

So when it had cooled, I applied the varnish! It was a nerve racking moment because I didn’t want to ruin my pineapple friends! 😛 

I remembered to take snaps before and after…you don’t know how many times I have forgotten to do before and after photos, and after I remember I’m like…whyy.

So, I guess what I got out of this sort of experiment thingy was that, there isn’t a huge difference between the two, this is probably because I didn’t apply large amounts of varnish and I expect if I had added more then maybe it would have been even more shiny and glossy. But another difference I think you would notice is that there is more protection from drops and scrapes if you varnish your clay. So I would definitely recommend doing so. But often I do like a matte finish because it can look better, but in some cases it can also look best with a varnish on it. So I will definitely use varnish, but vary also! 

It was a bit annoying that you can see the bits of fluff that accidentally got stuck to the clay…I did drop it whilst making it on the floor, thats probably why!

Well, this was a bit of a post that could, well, go either way. I hope you liked it anyway, and I think it also tonight me a few things about varnishing, so hope you enjoyed reading! 

Good Luck Clay making,



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