4 Things to do with Washi Tape

Recently I recieved some adorabubble washi tapes as a birthday present. They came in the cuteest little package and I love the bright colours. I was wondering whether I could do a post on them, so I got planning and then got to work making some simple DIYs to pimp your stationery and use that washi tape that you don’t know what to do with!

Oh, and, I apologise for the weird alieny blue photos…I don’t know what happened! I think the lighting just went a bit weird when the sun went behind the clouds…


Happy Tuesday and Good Afternoon if it is the afternoon where you are…?!

First up on the list of makes is…this cute pencil that was just stuffed at the bottom of a desk drawer-I doubt it would have been used at all until now!


So, I used 2 different colours and sizes washi tapes for this one, because I wanted a bit of variation with it. But you could always use 5, 6, 12! Any number of sizes and colours!


Carry on until you have covered the whoole pencil (or even pen).


That brings us on to the next DIY, which is these adorable little note cards with dividers on the side! 🙂

This one is so easy, I literally just cut a notecard in half, then cut out the dividing shapes on each, and covered in a medium thickness washi tape! I used the same colours as on the first DIY here. Cute!

You can see it in the photos both above and below.


The third make is this ruler that I covered with washi tape (well, technically they are patterned masking tape, but they are basically washi tapes! 🙂 ).


I cut the tape lengthways and layed three strips down, making sure I didn’t get any of those (argh!) annoying creases!

You could also do this the other way (vertically instead) because I think that would look really cool too, but I thought this was a bit easier, quicker and less fiddly!

I finished by drawing little black polka dots all over, in no particular pattern.


And finally I bring you…washi tape pegs! I just spotted these boring old pegs left on the side from where I had been photographing my DIY polaroids, and I thought I could jazz them up a bit, so I did!


I covered one side, then applied a thinner washi tape inside of the bigger strip.

Finally you can write a little message or note on it ( I did ‘To Do’, ‘Remember’ and ‘Ta-da!’ to mine) So quick and easy!


And that is it for this post, I hope you liked reading about how to make your stationery more interesting, agh why do all the photos look blue!?

Here is the final photo of them all, colourful and useful!


Enjoy crafting,




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