Wednesday Thoughts

I didn’t have many ideas to hand, ( and by that I mean I had 101 ideas but could not finish or perfect a single one so gave up 😀 ) so I thought I would just do a kinda daily blog of my thoughts and happenings! It’s a bit of a mish mash really!

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday!

I did a liddle bit of a sort out on my desk ( and no I didn’t even attempt to OPEN those drawers, let alone TIDY them) and took a few photos whilst I was at it!


Yesterday (Tuesday) I did a doodle in my skecthbook of a tree, animals like foxes and rabbits and hedgehogs – stuff like that – and I wondered whether we should do things just for a blog.

Now, I wasn’t particularly thinking of the drawing I was halfway through, more other things I had done in the past. Posts like the one I did yesterday, for example. I had wnated to make stuff with my new washi tapes, don’t get me wrong, but I made sure I photographed every step – and I wouldn’t take that many photos just for myself, would I?


I was just wondering, whether we should do things, make things, bake things, write things, just for your blog or a website or Youtube Channel. Because on one hand I love doing things just for a blog because it makes me get up off the sofa and actually make something I probably wouldn’t of done before, but on my other hand, I am thinking whether we should really choose to make something and put it up on your blog just for the blog, although I don’t think it is just for the blog. I think it is very much so that others can gain skills or enjoyment from what you write.


I decided to just pick up my camera and take photos of whatever I want, and gain some more experience, cos evry little helps and all that! 🙂

I was messing around with light settings and functions of the camera to make brighter, vibranter more vibrant shots, and I suddenly realised all the horrible shadows I was creating with tall objects I placed in front of the camera. *noo not the shadooows* For example, I had a sock folded up so you could only see the stripey pattern, but this made it quite tall, which causes a beastly little shadow behind it, as my window was behind me and only on one side of the room. I had read on a blog post that you can use, like, reflector kind of things to reflect the light back on to the shot, reducing shadows. I would much appreciate any photography advice as always! 🙂


Do you think black cats are lucky or unlucky? I came across the same black cat twice in the last two days, and I am so confused because someone said they are definitely lucky, but I am reading a book at the moment which says they are unlucky in them! :0

Talking of what I am reading, recently I have been reading I’ll Give You the Sun which is a great read (and  a very chunky book) about Art, love, betrayal, it’s just a great teen read and I have enjoyed evry page so far! I am pretty sure there is also a second book by Jandy Nelson called….*searches google* ah yes, ‘The Sky is Everywhere’. I haven’t read this book, but maybe I will in the near future. I’ve of course got to finish this door wedge of a book first 🙂


A strange mix up post today, I apologise for the lack of ‘interestingness’ but I couldn’t think of anything better to do, (again, yes of course I could, but I can’t perfect it so move on to another post!!) so I also popped in a few shots I took with my camera. Love every 33 of you, and of course and visiters who pop by Busy Bee Blog! I hope you are all enjoying your day, warm hugs,



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