It was such a leap from a 5 megapixel camera on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo and iPad Mini to 20.4 megapixels on my new Sony camera, and the amount my photography has improved because of that is incredible! I’m nowhere near being ‘amazing’, but I am definitely getting better at it and am having so much fun aswell!

Hi There everybody!

I am going to do a comparison between my old cameras on my devices, and my new Sony, and I think we are all DEFINITELY going to see a difference. I am by no means dissing my iPad camera because it was actually really great (it’s the first generation) and the camera on my phone is good for a first phone camera, but I felt I needed a proper camera because close ups were a bit fuzzy and I have always wanted a proper camera because I am really into photography at the moment so I saved up and got one.

I have done low light, close ups, zoomed out/in, all sorts here, so take a look and see if you can spot the (sometimes obvious) differences! 🙂 I haven’t been able to take any outside of my house and garden, but maybe I will do a Camera Comparison 2 in the near future if you like this post!

You have also got to bare in mind, the Camera photos were on default settings. If i chose to, I can actually adjust tons of things like brightness, exposure, vividness, effects, B&W, the list goes on, whereas the devices only have default settings pretty much. So the camera is only on Auto.

The cameras Used:

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo/trend 2 Lite

iPad Mini (first gen)

Sony HX400V

To start with, I took a lovely (well not so lovely on all devices…) picture of this verbena plant (which YES did manage to grow through a gap in the patio!).



As you can see, my phone has auto focus, so it basically will only focus on whatever is right in the center of the screen, not very handy and I always seem to get a whitish glow around the object – strange.



Now this time there is a BIG improvement, although this is the EXACT SAME 5MP camera, you can manually focus and select where to focus, which is very very handy. The image is actually really quite clear, and looks very sharp, which is surprising seeing as it is the exact same amount of megapixels – just goes to show that it isn’t all about the megapixels.

Sony HX400V:


This photo is just better again, the colours are better, the sharpness is even more clear, and it is focused in exactly the right place. I noticed this camera has been great for close ups because it zooms so far. You don’t get tht nasty glare from the light either as you did before.

Next I snapped a picture of a patch of grass and some swings, and I apologise for them not all being at the same angle – bear in mind I was juggling an iPad, phone and a camera! 🙂



It isn’t focused on anything in partcular, and is just a basic shot really.



This is a very different angle, but you can straight away tell that it has focused very well on the dandelions.

Sony HX400V:


I was so surprised at how vibrant the green is here! It has clearly focused on the foreground and is quite a good shot, even on Auto settings.

Next is of some cooking utensils in the kitchen at home. All of these photos have quite poor light, and this one is inside so it should be even duller, so let’s see how the cameras coped!



This one turned out quite fuzzy, probably due to the lack of light, and I am finding that it performs better zoomed out, not in. This photo was quite poor.



This was actually quite a decent photo, although slighlty grainy especially in the shadow in the top left, but not bad. The lighting is definitely bette than the phone shot.

Sony HX400V:


This one was definitely an improvement in sharpness, however the colour of the wood is a bit duller, which was very surprising. Obvioulsy on the camera you can make it a LOT more vibrant, but I think the sharpness just gave this one the edge again. You can literally see evry scratch and grain in the wood.

The photo i then snapped, was of Reenie in the garden. I tried to get them all from above and of a similar angle.



The Camera definitely DID NOT like this, did it! There is a really odd glow around reenie, and the grass is VERY grainy, and dull colours. It was very odd and definitely not the right camera for this job.



This photo was a lot better – I could manually focus it on the subject and it was quite clear too. The grass is a better green and a very cute little photo! My phone would not zoom this far, however my iPad would.

Sony HX400v:


Wow, this camera zoomed EVEN further than the others, and could have gone further! It was still just as sharp, and clearer than the other cameras too! Heehee so fluffy – you can pretty much see evry strand of fur! A great green background too!

Next was a low light shot with the curtains closed. So I chose these board games to capture which were in the corner of the rooom and in a very dark place.



My phone did not like the low light, did not like the amount it was zoomed in and definitely did not want to focus. Very grainy and very dull colours. 😦



I was very pleased with how my iPad performed! It was a bit brighter, sharper and zoomed fine! A pretty good effort 🙂

Sony HX400v:


The colours look so bright here! This is in half dark and STILL is just as sharp, is it unbeatable or something??

I think I can definitely conclude that the phone camera didn’t exactly do itself any justice, the iPad camera was definitely very good, and I find it a very good all rounder, and my Sony is definitely the go-to camera for me!

I had more photos, but of course don’t want to bore you with too many, so if you really enjoyed this post and maybe want to see more of this in the future, comment an dlike! Hope you enjoyed todaay because I did! 🙂

Happy photographing,



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