Rabbit Inspired…

I was sat back, thinking for so long. And I mean, thinking until I realised half an hour had gone. So I told myself to be decisive. What will you post today?

Good afternoon, evening, morning everyone!

I have been outside in the freeezing cold, just for this, so you had all better appreciate my struggle. My fingers are numb as I type, so I can’t type quite so fast as usual, I am not exaggerating. -_-


So, I was photographing little Reenie and having fun doing so, playing around with my camera, zooming in and out, this and that. Then it suddenly came over me that I should do a ‘Reenie Inspired’ post. So I do some drawing inspired by the pictures I took.

But black ink on sketchbook paper isn’t always THAT exciting, is it? At least that’s what I was thinking at the time, so I wanted to mix it up a bit by changing up the colours. Now, unfotunately ( sad faces) I don’t have any black paper or card, so I used ,


They do wonders for anyone who loves to make things.

I also took some photos once I had finished, and it was quite funny when I was taking them, I had the *brainstorm* idea to put one down in front of Reenie, she would come and investigate, I snap the picture and done! But no, that didn’t happen, she came to investigate the picture alright, but THEN she came over and sniffed my camera, which was very funny…


BUT THEN she decided to give the top of the lens a lovely little lick didn’t she? Yes, she did, and so I was left with a nice little remnant of rabbit slobber.

Cute, but tissue please! 🙂 Such a cute little bunny – what a rascal!

But anyways, I hope you like the little doodles with my white pen today, and Reenie’s naughty adventures.


Happy experimenting with cardboard and doodling,


And on that note, we just had a powercut. Fun times 🙂




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