4 Easy and Inexpensive DIYs//100th Post

Yup, you are currently reading the EXACT 100TH POST! Wow, how amazing is that?! And so I thought, what would be a better way to celebrate this, than with a Halloween and Autumnal DIY/makey post thing..?

Welcome to the Bee family!

I have gathered and created some little makes that should be pretty easy to make and do, so anyone can have a go – yay! Take a look for this spooky inspired post…


First of all, I decided I simply had to do some clay, because you all know how obsessed I am with all things clay. And since my recent present of clay stuff (gloss varnish and charm things so they can be charms (?) ) I can do a lot more with my clay.

I made a plumpkin which is super cute and so dinky! Also a ghost, spider and a little black cat. I decided not to varnish them, and just whizzed them in the oven with a charm thing in the top.

I purchased this super cool (I love it so much!) decoupage house, which I put fairy lights in and it looked so magical! I put the clay charms outside it, so they look at home! I took a night picture and a daytime one so you can see. It could be a Christmas house, but I will definitely have it in my room all year round – it’s too cool!


The House pictures…



The second DIY I made, which really is a lot simpler than it may look. All you need is black card, white straws or lolly pops, a bit of blue tac or white tac and a silver or white pen. I cut out the shapes, then wrote on the names. Your Halloween feast will look far cooler after this!

You might want to make stands for them, or longer sticks, but with any of these makes you can alter them to your taste!


How cute!


Say ‘Happy Halloween’ way cooler and cuter with these dinky little greetings cards!Your friends will be envious of your skills and want to know how you made them!

You can simply stick white paper on to halloween coloured card (or patterned card even!) and then decorate the front however you like! I used an alphabet stamp set to make the lettering, but you can do your very own spooky fonts! (Ahem, blog post idea…)

Have a look at these dinky creations…


Finally, this could be one of my favourites, it’s the adorable black cat noticeboard! Out of corrugated cardboard, black paper, green tissue paper and pens, this took me the longest, but was still pretty quick! You can do whatever design you like: pumpkin, spider, ghost, frankenstein, there are so many to choose from!


Never forget anything again!

I really enjoyed writing this post, so I hope you do too! Happy Halloween everyone, let me know if you have any other ideas! 🙂






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