Mmm… 4 Steps to a Happy Bath

I’m sorry but these as a combination = the ultimate bath. Today I am going to be telling you how to have the perfect bath, what to use and how to prepare it to perfection! Enjoyy!


The First Step

The first step to a heavenly bath would definitely be bath bombs, or bath salts. I always love the satisfaction of fizzing a bath bomb into the tub. Lush have a great range of bath bombs, or if you love Happy Jackson like me, then you could purchase this three in one set which includes one big big tub of watermelon and mint bath salts *swoon* they smell gorgeous! I sprinkled a handful like it says to into the bath and they dissolved in creating the most heavenly scent!

Always remember to be careful with sensitive skin! I am lucky not to suffer with sensitive skin, but always be careful!

The Second Step…

Make the bathroom a cosy place…dim the lights, have a magazine in with you, maybe some relaxing music (if you don’t have any and want some for free takes a look on YouTube there is plenty!). Along with the beautifully relaxing scent of watermelony goodness, the whole room will be transformed into a spa relaxing place! This will be sure to ease stress from you.

The Third step


Some luscious Body Scrub!

Whether it is your own favourite, or this exfoliating scrub with delicious flavours from my Happy Jackson set, a body scrub is definitely one of those essentials for the perfect bubbly bath. This passion fruit and lime scrub smells beautiful and feels lovely on my skin. Once you have rinsed it off, your skin will feel refreshe and smooth! Don’t forget to read the pot before use people!

The Fourth Step


Wow, we are already on to the fourth step! Your bath is reaching perfection, there is just one more step! You can add a delicious essential oil to your bath, if you do not wish to use the items I previously mentioned. I love to add a few drops of lavender for a gentle aroma. This method can actually reduce stress levels or aches!

And to finish, once your skin is dry you can massage in some body cream which this one smells a pure delight – coconutty and leaves you smelling scrumptious all night!


Enjoy your bath!



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