I Asked Myself 25 MORE Questions…

So, here we are again, the second part of my I Asked Myself 50 Questions series. Wow. That’s a whole lotta questions…Hope you like the sequel!

Helloo everybody !

25 more questions about me and my blog! Read the first post before this one if ya haven’t already….

  1. Have you ever been good at baking? Not really….I love giving it all I’ve got, but I can’t say I’m the next Mary Berry by no means! 
  2. Stripes or spots? Stripes. I’m not so keen on spots. 
  3. If you had the opportunity to live in the countryside, a city or a snowy place, which would you choose? I think probably the countryside – I don’t deal well with cold, and cities aren’t really my thing! 
  4. What would you wear with a black t shirt to make it look better? A checked shirt around you, but don’t do the buttons up, so it’s more like a jacket? 
  5. Can you cross your eyes? Yes!
  6. What is the first app you look at when you press the home button? Dropbox – always useful for those photos you want to keep without clogging up all your storage!
  7. What three apps do you have on your phone? I will pick three…ok, Google Allo, WordPress (haha obvs) and Sketchbook (although I had to delete it because of storage, noo) 
  8. If you could sum up Busy Bee in one word, what would it be? Happy, I like to keep people happy, hopefully..!
  9. A picture book you love (still do love the good old classics) We’re all going on a bear hunt.
  10. Why? Because everyone is amazing and so are you. That’s why.
  11. Are you a sporty one or a dancy one? Well I certainly can’t dance, but I wouldn’t say I’m sporty…er neither?,
  12. Crackers or rice cakes?! Mm, rice cakes, ooh especially those marmite ones!
  13. Would your dream car be a sports car or a little car? Not a sports car, a little Dinky car of course!
  14. Scroll in your photos, close your eyes, what is the first photo you land on? Homemade smoothies in cute glass bottles!
  15. What is your no.1 life motto? Well, I found a quote (not mine) that went along the lines of: you are more than to be weighed down by pretty or beautiful, you are a fiery heart and a wicked soul. That’s basically the gist of it, I can’t remember the rest. 
  16. What is your ultimate fear? I answered what my phobia was before, but in a situation, probably trapped somewhere small where the water level is rising.!
  17. Favourite book with flaps? The Rabbit Problem, it is the best book! I love it!
  18. Would you crab walk everywhere for a day if you got a cool car? Probably! Because it would be funny, not so much because of the car, just for the lols…
  19. What is your favourite holiday of the year? I love Christmas because it is a lovely family gathering, I just love it!
  20. Why is it called Busy Bee? There is an actual whole story behind it, but the gist is that I made a magazine called Busy Bee for fun when I was little, and it had all sorts of drawing and makes in it, it was great! 
  21. Shoes or socks? I love socks, especially fluffy ones, really cosylicious!
  22. What do you dislike most about technology? autocorrect. 
  23. What is your favourite material? Cotton, it is so versatile and easy!
  24. What is the latest thing you made? I’m not sure exactly, but the cat noticeboard in my Halloween post I think!
  25. Do you read often? Sometimes at night I will read a book for a while, especially when I get a really good one!

There we go! I can’t believe I did fifty whole questions, wow! No wonder it needed two parts to it! I hope you liked reading because it was very fun to write! 

Warm hugs,




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