Thursday Thoughts

Thinking about what to do next for Busy Bee. I seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall because I’m not sure what I should do next. I have lots of ideas but none of them seem to be quite right. I planned a book club post quite a while ago, but didn’t post it. I have about ten posts unpublished in my drafts box. Is that bad? Should I just post them anyway even if I’m not happy with them? I’m not sure.

Happy Thursday everyone!

I just had the horrible feeling it was a Friday! ‘Friday thoughts’ doesn’t work quite so well!

I have taken quite a while making a little something for a little someone but I don’t want to ruin the surprise in case they accidentally happen to fall across this post! 

I need ideas. Basically. Inspiration to get me going if you know what I mean. Go brain go! Activate ideas mode! Nope. It doesn’t work like that…unfortunately..

I need to make a plan. Like schedule a load of posts or make posts that fit in to my category, Lifestyle and craft and creativeness. It feels too random, I don’t know. But surely I have too many categories, I have photography, arts and crafts, blogging, DIY, projects, lifestyle, I have TOO MANY CATGORIES. And that isn’t helping, because that means I can babble on about anything within there, because I look at other great blogs and want to do that, so I make my own version, but it isn’t really Busy Bee. 

Ok, don’t worry if you haven’t just understood a single woord of that. Cos I’m not sure I even do.!

Basically, what I’m trying to put across is that I think I need to stick to MY categories, which are lifestyle and Creativeness (I don’t know what to call it!), because when I stray from the path I think people are losing what Busy Bee actually is. And I honk if I can stick to those two categories, then good things will happen, I can slip in a few blogging posts or food posts, but they will be within the lifestyle category. It’s as simple as that! Oh dear it had better work 🙂

Another thing I have been thoughting this week is a positiver one (I’m full of made up words today’s!) is that you have all been so lovely sending me lovely comments and I reply to every single one because they make my day ten times better! A big hug to you all! I always welcome comments, don’t be shy! 😀

I can’t think of anything I haven’t mentioned that I have been thoughting a lot about this chilly week, so hope you enjoyed reading, as always thank you thank you thank you!

Bear hugs and crocodile smiles,



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