A Relaxing Holiday – Yay!

The pebbly beach crunching under our wellies, seagulls squawking and flying low over the sea. You could see boats along the horizon, and I snapped a lot of photos too, it was such fun! Staying on holiday by the coast for a week was amazing, just what we needed to relax and refresh!

Woah, arriving back home from a week away…

to SEVENTY SIX emails.

Yup, SEVENTY SIX. Wow. I really need to check up on my inbox don’t I… But anyways, I think I have some explaining to do, and with that comes a big whopper of a blog post, or maybe two, because I need to cram in a whole lotta content to make up for the fact I haven’t uploaded in over a week-whoopsies!


The reason being, I was having a little break in the cutest, quietest coastal place. The beach could be walked on in ten minutes because it was so short, which was lovely, and the views incredible! I feel like I should have lost followers or something because I have been really bad not giving you lot stuff to read from my little space on the internet! I am so so sorry, but I would have found it really tricky blogging on my phone keyboard, and I wanted to make it worth your while! But never fear, I took a looot of photos so you can see my journey.


Dropped a massive stone in the sea…as you do 😉


On the beach at low tide, you could actually climb over some rocks to another beach, with jutting out cliffs and loads of layer of different rocks, it was great fun, and odd because the second little beach was higher, so when you came back again (before the tide got too high!) you dropped down to normal level again which was kind of funny.

On the Sunday, we had quite windy weather and it was so stormy (raise your hand if you hate thunder and lightning >:). It’s even more nerve-racking when you’re right on the coast! But after Sunday and Monday, we had great weather, which meant the waves were suuper calm-great for paddling in wellies!!

Can’t claim I did this, the second one is my puny attempt!


Doing jigsaw puzzles, because that is the little entertainment you have by a window where you can hear the waves swoooshing up the beach was great, although I don’t think I want to see another 1000 piece puzzle ever again…, not having any technology to check on every ten minutes (because all I took was my phone so I didn’t check my texts all the time because I didn’t need to) is  a great idea to just not take technology and tablets with you on holiday, because having a few days or even a week without constantly staring at it, is a lot healthier, and happier too! Try it, you will feel a LOT happier and content. Especially when tucked away on holiday.

Of course had time for doodles!

We had days in little cute seaside towns and harbours, and beach walks on various beaches too (all stoney <3) collecting multiple stones that looked cool and pieces of smoothed glass – I think I got about nine pieces of green glass? 🙂


I bought a few things too, only some fingerless gloves (so warmm), issue 10 of Blogosphere and a jigsaw (FIVE HUNDRED, not ONE THOUSAND can I just say…). I can’t think of anything else as of now….

Little short breaks away for a short amount of time can be really nice, especially when you have had so many sluggish (?) weeks working or at school.


Something really cute and positive I did on holiday, was to write little messages, or smiley faces, just general hapy things with chalk on pieces of slate scattered somewhere about on the beach. Maybe if just one or two people walking by notice them, it might make them smile, or a little bit happier, and that gives you such a great feeling. I believe it is always important to spread the happiness wherever you go for others! Yay 🙂


Wow, I’m not even sure how this post will be rcieved, maybe not as many people will be as intereted! Haha, I’m probably super over-reacting, but after starting reading Blogosphere (Love it so much) I have feeled more inspired and ready to keep blogging and sharing happy bits of normal life with such lovely people! I actually have issue 10 sat on the sofa, ready to be read, but I have told myself to not even open the first page until I have uploaded to Busy Bee.

My Happy Slate images…:)


It was also lovely to come back home, because after all, home is where the heart is, *awhh*! And Reenie was super happy to be let out into the whole garden to stretch her legs of course 🙂 A lovely lady who lives locally looked after her for the week, and always does such a good job, so thank you!

You’re going to have to bear with me for the execessive amount of photos, but I’m one of those poeple who cannot whittle things down well. 🙂 I took me a while to upload them all to here and my iPad really isn’t coping well with emailing the pics to my laptop! My hands were bascially glued to my camera all week so I took quite a large amount, uh oh says storage…

This is why you put your rubbish in the bin 😦

I think that is just about it really, a pretty good round up of my time away, it felt really nice to be almost cut off from everywhere else, probably due to the narrow country roads where literally only one car will fit through, I mean, the hedge was brushing the car either side. Every time you turn a corner slowly, you’re hoping nothing comes the other way, and we were quite lucky because it was quite quiet a lot of the time.

Hope you all had a great week too!

Sandy hugs,





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