Lovely October

Hasn’t this month been great? Like, gre-e-at. It felt properly Autumnal, we can have lots of fun making and drawing Autumny and Halloweeny inspired stuff and don’t even get me started on taking photos-it’s great! Haven’t I already said great about a million times already-oh. 🙂

Welcome to the club if you’re new!

Crisp Autumn leaves and beautiful sunsets. What’s better than to Curl up with a warm drink and read your favourite magazines? Er- that’ll be nothing. Here are a load of things I think make October lovely, and what we can all be thankful and smiley for.

Spending Quality Time Indoors

Say what? Although we all love a walk with nature and exploring the outside world, we also need to hibernate sometimes. Spending quality time indoors, as well as out is just as important. You can catch up with family or friends over a cup of steaming coffee (isn’t this making you super warm and cosy?! 🙂 ) or have fun playing good old board games and being creative. Put down your phone, power it off, and do something different, you’ll be glad of it a million percent.

Reenie making a house under the rosemary bush 🙂

Nature Before it Hibernates

I know that a lot of animals and creatures don’t, but a lot definitely do, so before the hedgehogs curl up and the dormice go sleepies, have a little walk to a local nature reserve, park or a stroll in a public garden. You might see cute iccle birds or even other little creatures out and about, although you might have to set up a night camera for a lot of nocturnal animals! Take a phone camera or whatever else you have to snap pictures of these beautiful things.

Ok, so sheep certainly do not hibernate…

All the Inspo

October definitely has its inspiration – wherever you look! The orange, brown and red crunchy leaves and twigs, the little creatures, Halloween, the chilly weather. You have so much inspiration to get you going this October. I get wanting to make and bake things so easily, even by going on a five minute walk!

Happy People!

Ok, so not everyone will be happy that it is getting colder and Wintery, but there those few people, whether that be in shops, out and about the streets, or people you know, there are those that are even more cheery in these Autumnal and Wintery months. Say something nice or do a nice thing his month, go on! It could be such a small thing like when I wrote lovely things on slate for others to find, it can be as small as moving a stuggling worm out of harms way. It’s the little things that can make a difference right! And yes I am also one of those people who feel guilty if they see a creature on the pavement because you don’t want someone to step on it, so move it out the way. 🙂

Layers and Layers and Layers

Wear even moore layers this month! We can wrap up warm in thick woolly scarves, huge jumpers, fluffy socks, coats, just so many LAYERS to keep snuggly like a fluffy animal hibernating! I prefer the colder months clothing wise because I love my jumpers! In summer, we would most certainly boil like a potato, so when October arrives, I finally have an excuse for bobble hats, mittens, jumpers, coats and scarves. Mm, snuggly!

Outside Events

By outside events, I mean anything. Whether this be attending a fireworks display at night, sitting round a campfire with marshmallows on sticks, going to a carnival, meeting up with friends for a woodland walk, anything you can think of that you like to do in Autumn and October. My special favourite would be toasting marshmallows because that is always so fun even from a not so much marshmallow fan!

And of course any other reasons you can possibly think of! Enjoy the rest of October everybody! 🙂

Big smiles,


p.s. you all shocked me with how many likes and support you gave to ‘a relaxing holiday-yay!’, thank you all so much!








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