Blog, when you feel like blogging

Your blog is yours. Not your viewers. They are part of your community, but you are in charge. So blog when you feel like blogging. You can always schedule posts, right? Some days we feel so inspired to post, so do! But when you can’t think of anything else, you sit there thinking, hmm… and you’re a bit stuck, so here’s what you’ve gotta do!

Good daay bees,

Imagine you have just reached round about 17 likes on one of your recent posts – might not sound like much to you, or might sound like a lot – but anyways, you were really pleased with all those people liking reading, so you suddenly have the urge that you NEED to post like five times today, just in case those readers get bored and unfollow you. So you post five really short posts because you didn’t have the time or patience to write quality longer but fewer. Big mistake! Stop. Here’s how to polish off those posting imperfections! And read this, if you did this too!

Firstly, stick to one or two (three at most) posts a day, because this way people will know you regularly upload and don’t bombard them with 50 word posts. A lot of readers prefer it when you have more consistent things to read, not five one day and none the next. And also, you won’t be happy with your content, but you uploaded it as soon as possible so people could read ASAP. So sloww, and proof read, once you like what you’re reading, click publish. Another point is that you will probably either not spend a lot of time on your photos, or use old ones, and come on, what is worse than using the same photo for two posts side by side! I can’t say I haven’t done this either before, I am a lot better at taking NEW photos though now! 😀

Another valuable point, is scheduling posts for a week or so in advance. It’s always useful having a load of drafts in the ‘draft’ section that you can finish in little time, but to a high standard. I often do, so I don’t have to sit for ages thinking of a different and unique post title, because it’s already there in my draft box! Schedule them for each day for a week, and when you get spare time where you want to blog, schedule for the next week, then you can sit back and relax for a while, so you know there is no need to be worrying that you need to post every day ON THAT DAY, if that is what you have commited to doing! And I know how hard it is when you have written a post you are just SO proud of and wanting to share it right there and then, but it will be a lot more professional and seamless if all the posts go up at a similar time very day for about seven days. This is especially useful for you if you have a busy work schedule.

I’d say a very important thing to consider is tags. Phrumph…the dreaded tags topic, eh? Yup! Well, some of you may have not even realised this at all, but using an excessive amount of irrelevant tags, does not work wonders. Say you were uploading a post called, ‘5 ways to draw animals’ and you used the tags, five, ways, draw, animals, giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, hippo, pen, sketchbook, doodle, sketch, easy…then when people find your post, it might be by accident, and others who do want to find your post may find it very difficult. Basically, sticking to a few, probably no more than ten, although I often only use three or four, can make your post a lot better navigated. But I would say tags are a very good thing, and so definitely use a few! They can helpfully mean that people can find your post because they like that kind of thing, and going back to the example, this would be a better use; how to draw,animals,five ways.

Don’t waffle just to reach, say, 1000 words. Nobody wants to read about your ramblings of a topic completely NOTHING to do with your blog post. Well, some might, but that’s not the point…So write with quality, not quantity because it will be a lot better received! 500 words of proper writing that is to do with the title is a lot better than 2000 of just babbling on about the latest news and TV. This is soo important if you are worried about losing readers’ interest.

Even if you need to write a post REAL QUICK, take time on the title. After all, that is what draws someone in to find your blog and read your post, so take time experimenting with different eye-catching titles that are both intrigueing, and funny or interesting that also show your personality. I think it’s pretty obvious to me which is the better choice: ‘October Faves’ or ‘Look at this lovely stuff!’. The second one, is what I would choose, because it shows personality and character through words. ‘October faves’ is what everyone else is doing, so stand out from the crowd, and do something a bit different. You don’t want your titles to fall into that dreaded ‘samey’ pit of sorrow. 😀

I hope these points got you thinking, and maybe changing a few things about your posts and how you are writing them because I like to say them to myself when I am about to rush a post! Noo Tabi, noo!

Buzzy bub-byes,



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