This is so Unorganised of me!

Opened laptop. Checked notifications. All good. But THEN. There was something not right. WHERE ON EARTH HAD THE DRAFTS SECTION GONE? Suddenly, not fine. How could this possibly be? I had noo draft posts waiting to be finished off or pictures to be added. Say whaa, I know right. This is so unorganised of me. :0

Happy Halloween everybodyy

I mean, it was just the other day, that I posted saying that it is always great to have posts scheduled and drafts stacked up, just waiting to be polished off and uploaded and that I always like to do this, but I have been so busy, especially with a kind of project I’m working on currently, (muhaha I will reveal all soon) but I have forgotten completely to make drafts, oops!

Ok, calm down, slight overreaction.

But if you’re like me and love to be super duper organised with your blog and have those posts ready to rumble pronto, then it can be a bit of a


moment. 🙂


So after that little moan, I’d like to give evryone a virtual Halloween hug!

Because I can.

And now i am going to go and be productive and schedule more posts for the rest of this week and maybe tomorrow I will take some photos to add to them! 🙂 Here are dos and don’ts of being organised 😦 You’ll feel a lot better when you do these things! Yay 🙂


Do not wait til eight o clock in the evening to start writing a blog post, chances are, you won’t feel inspired, motivated or even bothered to do a post with value. The morning would be a better time, or even days before the deadline. Do be organised by getting drafts saved and pretty much ready for upcoming days.

Do not say to yourself, ‘Oh, it’s fine I can tidy up this room tomorrow’ *tomorrow comes*: ‘Oh, it’s ok I can always do it at the weekend when I have more time’. That is a NO NO people. Do tidy now, because after you have, you can have a nice relaxing evening in an uncluttered space. Tidiness can work miracles on you.

Do not stress when you realise you haven’t got anything to post for the next day, instead either make an easy post like a list post or just what you did that day, no matter how normal (remember no rushy rushy) or make an extra long post that can be uploaded the day after, and explain why you didn’t give your viewers (I like to call them my Busy Community, not readers or viewers teehee) anything to read. They won’t mind if you miss a day, everyone does! Do, obviously schedule posts which I have said countless times, but also just calm and don’t panic-your wellbeing is more important than words on a screen.

Do not forget to write important dATES DOWN, BECAUSE THIS *when you realise you accidentally pressed Caps Lock by accident, it’s just one of those days hah* will mean you can never forget an important day again, whether you have a calendar or diary, or even just a notebook you always use, write everything that needs rmembering there.

Do, smile and follow these steps! 🙂

Enjoy your day 🙂

Now, for me I need to make up for the fact I need content reet now. And another big thumbs up and high fives to all of you because you are totally smashing the likes for some recent posts! Exactly 580 words ( 🙂 )

Happy pumpkin carving,



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