The Busy Bee Family…Just Reached 50!

I wasn’t sure if I had reached fifty followers, or if WordPress was having a glitch. All I can think of saying is hugs and thank you’d because I can’t believe my eyes! As I say this another lovely bee just joined the swarm to make it fifty one!

Heeey there everyone!

It’s a Friday and I have been out (yup, in the BITTER cold) camera snapping Reenie and just random bits and bobs I see! But I thought I ought to make this post, cos you deserve it! 🙂


It’s only been, what, a few months since Busy Bee began, and already fifty amazing people actually want to read this. But HOLD UP, I’m not going to be babbling on like nobody’s business about how it has been a great journey and all that what not, because I don’t want to send you to sleep, although I have to say a mahoosive thank you cos you’re all amazing!

Trying to get into her favourite flower bed…


There are a few posts that I can’t forget. Ones that I was actually really proud to post. I thought I’d give them little chaps a bit of a mention. If you’re new to the swarm especially, you can come take a look whilst you are here.

A Relaxing Holiday – yay!

Blog, when you feel like blogging

Rabbit Inspired…

I asked myself 50 Questions, Part One

Mmm…4 Steps to a Happy Bath


Someone got hungry…

Also, I have to just mention this. Commenting. Where do I even start. Every single one of you gives such lovely words and comments to me, I seriously don’t deserve it! It makes me smile when you say how you love a certain photo or post. I always always check out your blogs if you like, follow or comment, and often I find amazing blogs that I follow back, so it’s such a great community to be a part of. I am typing so fast my keyboard is lagging, that’s how happy and full of energy I am!


I think blogging is an amazing community, I always have. But there are so many undiscovered blogs that are already such works of art. But they deserve so many more readers. So if you ever want to drop me a comment on any posts or even send an email, I am always more than happy to have a look at your blog, because I have seen so many inspiring blogs that have less than a hundred followers. I’m sure they will expand overtime though. Because it certainly takes time to build your blogging family!


Mucky paws!

I also love it if you would comment or let me know an blog post ideas! I like to know what you lovely lot like reading as well as what I like posting!

I hope you are all having the greatest day, or maybe you aren’t and you came home and found Busy Bee which maybe, just maybe cheered you up a bit, because I aim to make everyone and anyone who is willing to spend ten minutes, not even that reading a thousand words I have come up with on a post, happy and inspired to be a better you!


I also answered five questions, to celebrate over 50 followers of the swarm…

Three words that describe your blog?

Happy, creative, relaxed!

Do you have anything planned for the future of Busy Bee?

I have probably ten to twelve drafts just sat in my drafts box now that are ready to be finished, yay I can’t wait, especially as Christmas is nearly here, and Christmas means Blogmas, right! That is if you celebrate Christmas!

Reasons you started a blog?

To inspire, and teach others, or just as an escape from people’s lives.

Who was your very first follower?

Craft Champion. And I actually remembered this because your very first follower is as exciting as a birthday!

Why the name?

I don’t think people ever realise there is an actual meaning behind it, but there definitely is! When I was iddle biddle, I loved making magazines at home (I still do it’s very fun) and I named one Busy Bee. It was full of all things crafty and I had so much fun making it and giving them to relatives! Another magazine I made was called Tabazine!

Phew, it’s been such an incredibly crazyy journey, and I am so excited for the future too! Yay!

I was out in the cold taking photos, and I didn’t realise QUITE how many there were! So I decided to include some bloopers, cos those times it doesn’t want to focus, are VERY ANNOYING! 🙂 Reenie was just waay too fast because she had so much energy!

Hope you liked today’s post, and are having a smiley day 🙂

Love from a Busy Bee,




This is the first time I have included bloopers in a post, just look at the fails…

Definitely not…

Stuff you may need/want to know…

I always double check the links before posting them, but I cannot be resposnible if they cause issues on your devices, sorryy 😦

I used Picollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature

I photograph on a Sony HX400v (incredibly good thank you very much) 🙂

Check out the rest of Busy Bee, you don’t know what you’re missing! Teehee




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