How Being Unique will get you Everywhere

There’s a whole swamp of lifestyle blogs, beauty blogs, fashion, food blogs. But what makes YOU different? Are you reading other blogs you love, and literally just doing whatever they post. We’ve all done it! But it’s whether you learn from that, and change your ways.

Happy happy Thursday people from all over the world!

You don’t want to be that one that does all those samey posts. You want to come up with unique ideas-don’t you? You can make that change , and make those steps to a more popular, unique and new blog.

I can’t even begin to express how INFURIATING it is when I click on a blog and I think, ooh, this looks interesting, let’s take a look. I click on it, and it is just the



and I immediately go to snooze mode. I mean, sometimes it’s great, and really interesting by following the trends, but add a bit of personality. EVERYONE HAS PERSONALITY.You’re all great, amazing people who have a bunch of ideas, but sometimes you don’t find them and use your brain to come up with a different content because you have just seen someone else have a really popular post that got quadrillion likes, so you do a similar thing, oping to get a simiar viewing.

And I definitely fell down this trap once upon a time.

I have posted ‘Q&As’, when I was starting out blogging, July Favourites, What’s in my bag, blah. I have learnt that it is SO important not to look at other’s content before you write, and just think, get your brain whizzing. It WILL come to you in the end. And you can make a draft, in fact make lots and lots of drafts for future days. I’m sure you will soon find out more people are reading and liking your posts.

Some of my posts I have learnt from…oh deary me…

That same old favourites post eh?
Aghh, a BIG mistake…

Just some of those posts I have seen too many times…

These also include Youtube videos. And like I said before, they can be great, and if your personality shines through in your writing, then that’s great and don’t regret it, but I’m just saying these pop up in my ‘recommended’ way too much.

  • What’s in my bag
  • Monthly Favourites
  • Morning Routine/Evening Routine/makeup routine
  • Q&A
  • Unboxing
  • Hauls
  • Child vs Teen

I do read or watch a few of these because I like to watch/read a wide variety of content, but don’t you sometimes just cringe a bit?


I like to come up with new and unique titles and ideas, and I think I’m improving! Even if you just simply make the title a bit more quirky, that should make your views go up because a lot of readers aren’t interested in same old stuff.

I just want to basically put it out there, that especially recently, a lot of people I see uploading things is quite often stuff I’ve seen before, and as a consumer, I’m really not drawn to it that much. This might not apply to all of you, but I hope I’ve taught you something that I have learnt from blogging and reading online. Being you and being unique. It’s the best thing you can do!

Squeezy hugs,



I used Tayasui Sketches Pro, and Pic collage to make the photos and signature thingy 🙂

You blow me away every time you all like my posts, I have been getting great response and trust me, it means the world to me, so is it cheeky to ask for…10 likes? Nah, cos your a lovely lot I know you can do it! Love ya 🙂


7 thoughts on “How Being Unique will get you Everywhere

  1. Blogging is not that much easy. Write down your own words and your own ideas when you feel like writing. Posting because its schedule and you are just copying same content and same things. Uhhh that’s something I don’t like. My blogs are a mixture of lifestyle, beauty , fashion and events. Would you like to have a look?

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