Craft Shops, Clay and Bonfire Night for Pets

I’ve already been very very busy modelling clay for an upcoming event, that I will mention during Blogmas. And by busy, I mean sore fingers and palms busy. But today I also did quite a few things, and took photos along the way although I didn’t get many opportunities. So if you are interested in seeing what is going on in the life of this Busy Bee, read on because I am kind of just writing this introduction long enough so it is the only thing that comes up in the excerpt of the post…!

Good morning to you alll

Wecome to another documentation of my day…Hope you have all had an amazing productive day. I am writing this during the morning but it’s going to be the evening when it goes up, so I guess really it should be …

Good evening to you alll

I had a pretty good day today and spent a looot of time in an art shop that was one of those shops that sells EVERYTHING. You could have left me in there and I wouldn’t have left. Yup, there was that much stuff I wanted, but managed to restrict myself to just buying the clay I needed. Especially Christmas coloured clay. 😉


On the drive over to this place, there was the most amazing views, there and back. The sun shined on the golden and green hills, it was gorgeous, I’m really sad now I didn’t get any photos of it, but sometimes a photo doesn’t do it enough justice, you know. 🙂


And at the end of the day of course it was back home for deliciouss homemade pizza, my favourite! I wonder what little things you all did today? Whatever it was, wherever in the world, hope it was great and Happy Bonfire Night!


The fireworks have actually already started and they can be so pretty to watch, even from indoors, but remember to keep those furry ones happy…

Having a pet, it makes you aware that they definitely are NOT a fan of the bangs, whizzes and screams that fireworks make,so always make sure they are safe. If you have a rabbit top tips are if they are outdoors, keep the hutch in a shed (Reenie’s already is anyway) and make sure they have PLENTY of hay and bedding that will keep them warm and muffle the sound. A big thick blanket (we have a big sheepskin fur one which is super warm and thick) to lay on top of the hutch will add just another layer to muffle and warm. As long as the rabbit cannot see any bright flashes, they should be alright through the night. Indoor rabbits and pets are fine because the sound shouldn’t be loud, just make sure they can’t see any bright lights or flashes through windows and things! I have discovered a lot of these tips from experience and online, if you are unsure you can always bring a pet’s hutch inside overnight or look at some websites online. Stay safe!


Warm hugs and smilees,


Stuff you may want to know!

I photograph on Sony HX400V

Clay I use… Fimo Soft (the ‘soft’ is a lot easier to use than ‘professional’ 🙂

Please contact via the ‘contact’ page and feel free to comment-yay!





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