Sunday Frosty Walk

There were red, yellow and golden leaves EVERYWHERE! It was so Autumnal and so satisfying when your wellies crunched through the huge stacks of leaves! But there were still a few green trees only just turning orangey, which looked really beautiful against the blue sky. In the shadows there was still frost on the grass and an icy chill making my lips numb!

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂


I had a very refreshing morning walk this morning, looking at all the signs of Autumn and the cool weather, although the sun was shining very brightly. And today I did remmeber to take photos, so that’s good!


I just thought I would mention this…I have been taking a lot of photos which I am pretty pleased about of my clay equipment, creations and tools, and was going to make a post out of that. I hope that is the kind of thing you would like sometime in the near future, but anyway back to the blog!


Morning walks always wake me up so well, and today was noo exception! One minute I will be lazing in my pjs, and the next I am up and getting ready to go out for a walk bright and early! Because it is still pretty early, you get all the bonuses- it is reasonably quiet except for a few other joggers and walkers, AND you get the low sun over everything which makes great shots. 🙂 That’s why evening or morning walks are always the best ones!


I saw blackberries and other bright red ones on the way. And there was me thinking the blackberry picking season was over..! I enjoyed taking little pics of the branches sticking out of hedgerows and the weather was just so so good! Despite the icy wind, it was amazing for a walk!


So I definitely urge you to go for morning walks instead of halfway through the day, although stay safe by roads…

I find it soo frustrating when you are coming back from a gorgeous walk, peaceful and quiet, and then you have to walk for a couple of minutes by a main road. This isn’t the bit that annoys me…What annoys me is that so many cars think it’s ok to speed over the limit when there is only a narrow pavement for pedestrians.

I mean, don’t worry, you just go ahead and ignore the blatently obvious sign that says SLOW on the road, why don’t you?

It makes me so annoyed, there are many cars that do slow down, especially when they see you walking by the road, but those that do not slow down AT ALL, even after they have seen you walking on the extremely narrow pavement. It can be rather scary when they catapult past you in a big family car. I don’t want to dampen the mood, but just be aware that it’s not very nice as a pedestrian to be in that situation.


Other than that, the walk was great and so beautiful, so I hope everyone has a lovely jubbly day whatever you are doing! Also, hope you liked the photos too!

Bear hugs and squeezes,


Stuff you may want to know!

I use Pic collage and Tayasui Sketches pro for the signature, and sometimes photos with writing on.

I photograph on the Sony HX400V

Are you doing Blogmas…Yes, I am going to try to this year!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 🙂



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