Monday Mish Mash // Clay!

Yup, as you can tell, I spent soo long thinking up that title *ahem, NOT*. 🙂 So, I wanted to talk a bit about how I do stuff, for instance, clay. What materials I use, what tools, and also little tricks I have learnt. So that’s what today’s post is about, oh, and because I couldn’t think of a better title 🙂

Welcome to the mish mash of clay everybody….

*yeah…that was a terrible intro…*

Hello you lovely lot!

I’m back again with another cheeky little insight post. An insight into clay! I wanted to give you all a little taster of how I make and mould and cook etc clay, so I made this post out of it.

Massive Warning…Once you have started making clays…you will not be able to stop, it is just too fun, cute and easy that you can simply say bye bye to your bank account… 🙂

I am so desperate to show you and let you know what I have been up to and making recently, but I have said I will wait until Blogmas (cry face).

What Clay?

Firstly I wanted to explain the clay I alwaays use (and it seems to be the type most commonly in shops so…). I have always gone for the Fimo soft, definitely the SOFT not PROFESSIONAL, oh no…the professional is great and everything because it does a great job, but I find the soft version is easier to mould and shape, because, well, it’s soft..! *By the way this is not sponsored or anything I just love the stuff!* There is a wide range of colours, and I was very excited when I noticed you can buy. A. GLITTERY clay.


It looked amazing, and when I next run out I am definitely going to try some! And this stuff I am describing is for in the oven, so you can bake it at about 100 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes (depends how big the thing you have made is!).


What Tools?

You are probably looking at the pictures thinking, wow she has a lot of equipment for modelling. You are wrong. I didn’t buy any of these tools! I have gathered them from family or old toys, so the red tool is actually the scraper from one of those Scraperfoil kits, and it is GREAT for clay, I have a knife which is just a toy one, and a wooden stick from a family member, so it’s great if you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune, when you are just starting out clay making!

makeshift tools 😉

I also have just a few tool things that make cool patterns in clay, but again I din’t buy these new! Bonus 🙂


look at this little fella 🙂

I need to talk about gloss varnish, too. I got this iccle bottle of gloss for my birthday, along with some little hook things. I find it soo fun to apply, and it gives the clay a great varnishy shine, as well as protecting the surface from scratches or breakages! Another use for this is if you have, say, an ice cream with chocolate sauce on top, you are going to want to add shine to the ‘sauce’. But I can’t say this bit a kit is a staple item, because you can live without it!


Any Top Tips or tricks?

Uh-huh, an especially useful top tip is one I learnt from Nim C (definitely go check her out), who has a Youtube channel. Basically, it is really simple and all you need is a pastel and a scraper of some sort.


What you do, is scrape the edge of the pastel so that dust comes off on to some paper. Then using a paintbrush, mix it and you can then use this to make blushed cheeks or add colour somewhere on to clay gently. Try mixing different colours if you like!


Where do you get Inspiration?

There are a lot of things I get inspired from, but mainly things I find cute, seasonal things, animals and wildlife as well as household objects and obvs food 🙂


There are people online who make things with clay if you wish to find any more top tips. And sometimes I will decide what to make simply by seeing what colours I have the most of! It can help you get going you know!

I urge you all so much to at least give oven bake clay or polymer clay making a go, because I am so obsessed with making them! They can be so easy or tricky if you like a challenge, and it honestly can entertain anyone! Have a go if you haven’t already!


Also, let me know if you have any questions about this, or ideas of what you would like me to make in the near future! Let me know if you enjoyed this post 🙂

The whole gang!

Happy Clay making!


Stuff you may want to know!

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature thingy. 🙂

This is not sponsored in any way!

I photograph on Sony HX400v



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