Turning Over a new Leaf for Busy Bee?

Woah woah woah, before you think – wait?! What’s changing! Don’t be alarmed, there aren’t going to be any dramatic changes or drastic happenings (?) I simply thought I would just sit down, and have a little write about some of the most dramatic (ok, they’re not exactly dramatic, but you get the picture…) changes and alterations I have made, to get where the blog is today!

Heeeey if you’re new to the faamily,

I’m back once again with a bit of a chatty post, and yup, I’m sat in the dark trying to see my keyboard letters because there is only one plug socket, and it was either charge laptop:or have light. 🙂 And that guy called Winter seems to be coming soon so there is less

and less

and less

light every day!

I thought I’d talk about some of the changes, and why I made them, because maybe it will help you improve yoour blog, if you have one that is. Oh, and if you have a blog with, say, 1000 followers, then you may have already made some of these changes, but hey ho!

I am so happy I did decide to constantly improve my blog because I tended to just keep the template how it was and be too scared to change anything because it’s the huge scary world of WordPress, but when you do decide to change the design of things, it can be a good thing, right!

I’d just like to say a sooory for not being able to take new photos today (I know, sad face 😦 ) but it was already SUPER dark by the time I opened my laptop lid. I will definitely be taking so many new photos for the rest of this week. That is except Wednesday, because I do not post on Wednesdays!

Right, stop waffling,

The number one change I made for Busy Bee was DEFINITELY the design/theme I picked. The thing is, I chose the theme Cubic (don’t get me wrong it can look great, but…look, just read on!) but the only issue with me choosing that one, is that it’s all about the photos being the main part. And working with 5 mega pixels (at the time) on an iPad mini camera, let’s just say wasn’t exactly ‘working out’. :0 Another factor was that the title was at the side, and it somehow didn’t look right – you couldn’t change this for free anyway, even with a logo it didn’t feel quite right.


Previous Logos-cute! 🙂

What I did?

Well, I went ahead and changed it, that’s what I did! Buuuut, I had spent days and days trying out new themes for free, and none seemed right for my style, or didn’t look great. That was when I realised I was gonna have to bring in a bit of creativity into it. I chose the theme, and the I started making use of that cheeky little ‘customise’ tool! I altered the font, the background colour so it all blended in, I drew up a logo on my iPad, I added widgets that would be useful, I made sure the home page showed just an excerpt of the posts, I made about pages and contact pages, PHEW! *Now I realise quite how much I chnaged…*

The first ever design! :0

How it Benefited?

Well first of all, it obviously had made a difference for all the right reasons. I have recieved a few amazing lovely, happy, positive comments from amazing people saying that they loved the layout, or ‘I love your blog, the design is great!’, so those people, you’re amazing and it makes my day!

WoW, I’m over 500 words already!

Next up, let me tell you how important regular posting is and how it massively changed the blog. There are people who don’t upload on a regular basis, and you don’t really know when another post will pop up, and yup, that was me! I posted three times one day, and then none for a few days. That would definitely drive me CRA-ZY, if I was the reader, and I realised, a) this can’t be good, and b) I just found the schedule button! So I began scheduling posts for the week, and giving myself the commitment of posting on certain days. It started off as posting Monday, Friday and Sunday (or something like that) and even then I didn’t stick to it. So I then switched to posting every day except Wednesdays. It can be intense at times, but I’m loving and it’s amazing what support I recieve!


How it has Benefited?

To put it short, more views, more likes, more followers. No, I didn’t suddenly get a round of applause and thirty bloggers following at ONCE, of course not, but I did see an improvement. I think people like consistency as a reader, even if it is once a week, but on the same day. 🙂

Uploading the same (ish) time each day. I get that it is sometimes impossible to upload at 5 o clock every. single. day. But I at least tried to be posting around about the same time in the evening, therefore readers could have a bit of an idea of when a post will be ready to read! My posts seem to go up in the evening, between five and seven really, because that time seems to be working. (UK time) And trust me, before, I would upload to BB at the most random crazy times that were all over the place, and it just wasn’t working! So I changed that, and definitely for the best 🙂


Yay-new and polished!
Do not act superior! I can’t exactly say I used to do this one, but I know some people say they make the mistake of acting as if they are more superior, and then they have realised it doesn’t help, instead, be on the same level, respond to your comments, and just be a lovely person as always! Readers (well, especially me!) love to have a blogger that is on their level and are just really honest, friendly bloggers!

I hope you have all had the most amazing happy day, and maybe Busy Bee cheered you up a bit, because you’re all absolutely AMAZING people! I love every one of you lovely lot 🙂

Buzzy bub-byes,



Stuff you may want to know!

I use Piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature thingy!

I photograph on Sony HX400v

Are you taking part in Blogmas? I hope so!

Have an amzing day you lovely lot!






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