Dark and Wintery

As you know I love to do, in true Tabi style, I went outside with my camera and just did a load of camera snapping, because that’s what I love to do! It was dark outside, because the clouds had covered the sky, but my camera tends to make lighter photos, so I dimmed the brightness to give the full effect, and also I thought it looked kinda cool!

Welcome back everyboody,

Yup, I’m surprised you’re not bored of these posts now! I just snap so many photos, but you seem to like them, so thanks! It’s yet another photography post where I snap away, not expertly, more like take it and hooope 🙂

Little Reenie was sat outside too, so I gave her a lovely stroke, dandelion and tickle under the chin (she loves it and closes her eyes it’s so cute!) which she seemed to enjoy, awh. 🙂

Also, technically it’s not winter yet, but it feels that way so I used it as the title anyway!

*Doesn’t it really annoy you when you have a song stuck in your head?? I have that now!*


Some poeple find ivy a nuisance, but I think there is beauty in evrything, and I don’t know, I just like the way it looks in Autumn, even if it is a pain to maintain. And it supports a lot of wildlife like insects, so it is good!

The face after a chin rub 🙂 Awh

My favourite thing about winter and late Autumn is definitely long (or short I guess) rambles in wellies through golden leaves when it is sort of half dark and chilly, you wrap up warm and just have a great walk. Then you can come home and snuggle up in pyjamas! Let me know your favourite thing 🙂 I aslo love darker mornings which are greeat for lie-ins, although not when you should be getting up for school or work right?!


The flowers seem to just be going, but there are still tonnes of plants green, everything seems to be a bit later this year.


Holly…means Chrsitmas right?
I’m sorry there are so many close-ups, but I was enjoying it!

img_5733img_5735Leaves, leaves and more leaves. It had been raining though, so they weren’t crisp to walk on 😦 But I think rain makes pretty good photography, dark and soggy. Not that Reenie was bothered about the dandelion being slightly soggy!


I hope you are all having a gorgeous chilly day (unless you are somewhere warm in the world!) and are enjoying life as I am, because that’s the best thing you can do. Just go outside, take some photos, it’s amazing to relax and make you feel happy.

Have an awesome day!

p.s. I am so so glad I have the WordPress app, because online it keep saying it won’t connect! So I excuse for the massive Tabi signature, but hey ho, I will fix it when it is working again! 


Stuff you may want to know!

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature

I photograph on Sony HX400v

Are you taking part in Blogmas…sure am! Hopefully!

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