Rabbit Inspired 2

Do any of You remember a while back, when I posted the post named ‘Rabbit inspired’? Well, it seemed to go down preeeetty well, so I’ve made a second one! Reenie was let out and was hopping about, which gave the best inspo for another messy doodle make thing! And it was very very chilly (by which I mean like a freezer! ) so I had very numb fingers by the end!

Good eveningggg doodlers,

I had a very big scare today! Reenie is often let out to have a play in the whole garden to explore for a bit, and we keep a close eye on her whilst she is doing so, even though we have made sure the garden is rabbit safe! But I go inside for five, ten minutes, and when I come back outside, she’s gone! I thought, hmm, she must have gone back in her hutch because she was cold or something, so I looked in there, no bunny. I looked round the patio, no bunny. Where had she got to?! I started feeling panicky and ran to the end of the garden, and to my UTTER RELIEF, she was round the back of the shed. Phew! She hasn’t escaped after all! She had managed to squeeze round the back of the shed, to the corner of the garden which has a little fence, so she was then stuck the other side of the little gate so I opened it and she came bouncing out looking rather pleased with herself. :0

But guess what this little cheeky rascal did as soon as I turned my back? Yup, she went round again! I heard a scratching and scuffling noise, and realised she had gone round again, so yet again, I opened the little gate so she could come back round. And by now, I think she must have thought we were playing a game! This must have happened at least four or five times before I managed to shepherd her away from the corner! 
Well at least it is good stimulation for her brain and she gets lots of exercise and is a happy little bunny who thinks one day we will give in and just let her have the whole garden to play in every day which will not be happening, because she could get herself in all sorts of mischief!

Buustteeed! 🙂

Well now I have told you my story that made this Friday a lot more dramatic and interesting, I have taken photos of the messy doodles things inspired by Reenie! 

The look is supposed to be messy, and colourful, and I used white and silver pens, that were a bit like gel pens along with fineliners coloured pens. I excuse for the odd lighting, well it was too dark so I had to make do! 

I tried to capture some of the poses she was doing, well at least the non blurred ones because she was constantly on the move! I hope you all have a go at taking photos and making something inspired by what you saw! 

And have an amazing weekend, stay happy and creative everyone!

Busy bub-byes,


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I photograph on Sony HX400V

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches pro for the signature thingy

Are you taking part in Blogmas? I hope I am, yes! 🙂

Stay smiling, it’s the best thing you can do! 😀


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