What Autumn Means to Me Doodles

Autumn is different for everyone, some like the long nature walks in woodland, others like staying inside, cosy and warm to watch a movie, well I decided to show what Autumn means to me in one BIG doodle page! It’s kind of like my signature thing, to doodle with pen a mish mash of one topic, so I did it again seeing as I haven’t posted a doodle post in what seems like ageees! 

Happy Saturday everybodyy!

I hope you are really enjoying your weekend so far….now, I have kind of neglected my pen and sketchbook recently. I have posted lots of photography posts, but not a lot of doodles, which I love, sorry about that! To make up for it, I created one A3 page of them! And my theme was Autumn, before winter takes over, because there were just so many things I could doodle and draw! 

I drew me and a deer in the center quite large, and then filled in smaller Autumnal objects, (mainly leaves!) around the outside. I kept trying and trying to think of more and more pictures to draw, because there was just SO much blank space to fill, but after going away and coming back the next day, I had fresh ideas ready to be drawn! 

I think Autumn for me is all about being out with nature and animals, taking photos, getting inspired and the coming home to a warm house with a hot drink and a film. This doesn’t happen very often, but if I could, I would spend every day like this! 

I had to literally empty my whole brain for more things to do with the leafy season, harvest, thick jumpers, warm drinks, camera, bobble hats, the list is pretty much endless here! 🙂

I have also been doodling so many Christmas doodles, for both an upcoming sale and afterwards my Etsy shop. But of course I will explain further in December, with PLENTY of photos! So if you have any ideas at all of what you think I should make to sell or just for fun, then don’t be afraid to let me know!

I hope everyone has a happy and exciting rest of the season, and hope you enjoyed this post!

Doodle wishes,


Stuff that might catch your eye…

I used piccollage and Tayasui Skethces Pro for the signature thingy

I photograph on the Sony HX400v

Are you taking part in Blogmas? Yes, I hope I do well! 🙂

What do you draw with? A sketchbook and Uni Pin 0.1 fineline.


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