SmileSunday // November 13th

Welcome to SmileSunday, I am introducing this for Sundays on my blog. A lot of blogs don’t post on Sunday, so you need something else to read and relax with. Well join the world of Smile Sunday! I searched up Smile Sunday, and I didn’t see much, or anything really about being smiley and happy on Sundays, so why not fill the gap? 🙂

Happy Sunday guyss

I guess I should really be saying happy Smile Sunday, because after this, you are going to love your Sundays! I have included just all things good, whether that’s photos, reasons to smile, quotes, what I did today, things you can do, anything and everything will be included in these blog posts, every time a Smile Sunday is posted!:)

I chose the first theme to be healthier living is happier living. Enjoy! 🙂

The best way you can start the day

…Is to get up quickly. And I don’t mean wake yourself up with an alarm. That’s not exactly going to make you smile is it? No, I mean when you wake up, get up after five minutes or so naturally, but don’t lie in for hours and hours, because although it feel snice at the time all tucked up in your duvet, lying in will make you more tired and not want to get up. So wake up, get up and get ready for the day.

Go for a walk bright and early. You could be jogging, cycling or whatever exercise you choose. But whatever it is, having a fresh morning bit of exercise is great for your mind and body. I can assure you that you will feel so fresh and energised by the end, of course you are going to feel so ready for a healthy day. I have tried this and even just a ten minute/half an hour walk can make a morning better than staying in bed til midday!

Eating Healthy

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, water are all AMAZING for you and your wellbeing. It is well known that eating healthily can very much improve your happiness and health. You should keep as hydrated as you can throughout the day, having a little bit of water often, and whatever you do…

NO snacking allowed!

Ok, so the odd banana or apple is fine, but try not to have five biscuits between every meal. Try and at least go for a day without snacking in between meals. And then have nutritious meals that are healthy and balanced. The odd treat is alright (bring on the bickies) but as long as it isn’t all the time. Eating healthily and staying hydrated does wonders to your skin, health and mood.

Doing, or finding a hobby you LOVE!

Either Practising a hobby such as craft, like me, or baking, photography or sport can be a great way to stay smiley and positive! Instead of staring at a phone screen, doing something proactive should definitely boost your mood! 

Recently, I have been especially in to camera snapping (photography), which you can probably tell from all my photography posts I guess! How about having a go at taking a phone camera or camera outside, and taking a photo of whatever catches your eye straight away. This morning I spotted these cobwebs on the grass, so I took snaps of them and was very pleased with them. But hobbies indoors are always great too, like creative things!

Make a List

The positives should and WILL outnumber the negatives. Make a list of the not so good currently, then make a positive one. Throw away the bad list and stick the happy list on a wall or door that you will see often around the house. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded every thing is all good, and so you can smile! 

If you have any more happy comments, add them below! I hope you also liked the pictures I took on a lovely walk today, the weather was great! A bit muddy though! 

It all starts with a smile!


The importanty stuff…

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature thingy

I photograph on the Sony HX400v

I am taking part in Blogmas, so look out on December 1st!

Add any smiley quotes, thoughts or reasons in the comments, I don’t bite! 🙂


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