Pointless Little Makes #1

Yup, they have no use, yup they have no purpose right now. But do you know what? I LOVE THEM, and they are fun to make, and best of all…they’re dinky! Aw! If you are interested in wasting your time making little things that take less than two minutes, then step right ahead, because who doesn’t like pointless little things?!

Hello hello hello everyone!

Welcome back, and welcome to a brand new week! A happy post today, because it is pointless, OBVIOUSLY, but it is also a nice thing to do! 

So we don’t give each other nice compliments often, so I thought why not write a lovely message that will make someone smile, in teeny tiny writing, on a teeeeny tiiiiiny bit of paper, literally as big as my fingernail! 

Although I am saying writing nice compliments on them, you could always write things to do, make, bake or draw instead. Whatever your hobby is, write things to do on them and chuck them in a jar! 

I think this is so cuute because you may be doing someone a favour, plus it’s soo the quickest thing to make! I hope you all look forward to more of these in the future, plus I am so sorry for not a lotta writing, but I have been super busy today! Whoops!

But anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this and are having a fantasticly awesome day so far, 


Stuff you may read…

I used piccollage and Taysui Sketches for that signature thingy bob

I photograph on Sony HX400v

I am taking part in Blogmas, YAAAY! That starts on 1st December!

I draw using the Uni Pin fineliners, 0.1 for this one, cos it’s so dinky!


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