Craft Tools you already have!

Craft tools can be pricey, and a waste of space. Especially for clay making, and seriously, more clutter? No thank you! So, surely there are OTHER ways of making your favourite things? Well of course there are, and they are simply free! Look, just read this if you are super confuselled!

Hello there if you are new!

I’d like to point out, craft tools do not have to be a necessity. You may already have most tools where you are, and they do just as good a job! Well, I wanted to share how I have found that using old tools can really help, especially after you have spent WAY too much on clay already…

Firstly, you are going to need something sharpish…preferably with a small head….oh, and a point…oh waiit, what about those tools from scraper foil kits?! Yup, I use a red tool from a bunny scraper foil kit from years ago, and it is honestly so useful in such a variety of ways! It is sharp enough to cut clay, and the small head is easy to manaouvre (yeah, that definitely isn’t spelt right, but auto correct had nothing…) making this the perfect staple tool for crafting. 

Of course you can’t not have something to roll things out, and rolling pins are hard to replace…but maybe you have an old play doh set? That could do just as good job, plus it won’t mix clay or anything crafty with your food! If you just want to roll out something small, I have previously used a strong straw, and that is very effective too, so woah there before you go and click ‘add to basket’!

A tool to indent patterns SURELY cannot be replaced, yup you’re right…NOT! OF COURSE THATS NOT RIGHT! A pattern maker thingy wotsit is one hundred percent replaceable, and can be a great reuser aswell. Whether you have some corrugated cardboard, wallpaper with swirly patterns, or a tool like mine given to me that has a patterned handle, there are multiple ways of creating awesome designs indented in clay or some other material you happen to have.

Stop right there and do not go shopping for a paint palette! Just because artists may use fancy palettes, does not mean you need to spend an absolute fortune on one, because what is that in your recycling bin? (Well I hope it is in the recycling bin, because that’s where cardboard belongs, not, the general waste….) yup, cardboard! Any surface will do really, just sploge on the paint, and you have a DIY paint plate right there! No washing up required!

I could come up with a million of these! The next is a placemat, simply an old one that you don’t need, or that has broken a bit can be simply perfect for using to roll out clay and work on. Clay can stain your surface, so using a placemat it doesn’t matter if it stains, because you will only use it for clay! Yay!

All these genius ways are great for reusing and your bank allowances! I hope hope you realise you don’t always need to buy so much new equipment, and instead think a bit about reusing before you click buy. I had a lot of fun making this post and taking pictures, so I hoped you all enjoyed as usual, and have an amazing terrific day! Let me know of any blog post ideas you wish me to make, I will definitely considerate them if you comment them!

Lots of arty love,

The importanty bit…

I use piccollage and Taysui Sketches pro for that signature thing wotsit

I photograph on Sony HX400v


I use fimo soft as featured in images!


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