Friday Thoughts // Photos From Inside

It was raining one minute. The next the sun had come out, then it was freezing, in fact it was freezing all day. It was some strange weather…but I took a few photos, and did a few things, so maybe this will keep you marginally entertained! And, if you hadn’t already figured out what the title means, it means that I was still taking photos today, but mainly from inside because it was a bit chilly…I know I know, typical British eh? 🙂

Good Evening Good Evening Good Evening everyone!

Here I am again rambling on about pointless things of the every day! Today I have been super busy and super productive…

Well, at least that’s what I would love to say…!

Yup, I have had one of those ‘stay in’ days where you just stay in the house and have a nice day doing whatever you want really, just relaxed basically! I did do a bit of painting with templates which I might make a post of, because it actually looks quite cool, and I took some photos…from inside, except I did go out various times giving a treat to Reenie and strokes. 🙂 

Perched on top of a wooden house, waiting for the rain to stop

So I thought I would begin this post of ‘thoughts of the day’ with posts and exciting things you can look forward to this month, especially as the wintery season approaches us! Yay!

  • Soo many yay blog posts with Christmassy Crafts and tutorials, so give me ideas in the comments! 🙂
  • Maybe a Christmassy theme for the blog (logo) can’t wait for that
  • An upcoming sale, woop woop!
  • Lots of happy times
  • A post every single day until Christmas, *ahem* Blogmas…!
  • Even moore photos, that I hope are more than average (:D)

Super zoomed in shot of a bird…!

    Another thing I would love to blabber on about is what sort of posts I should be posting especially in the upcoming to Christmas, because I have been wondering whether crafty tutorials is what a lot of you lovely lot want, or maybe more photography wintery posts, and day in the life kind of posts is what would be preferred! I am just going to try and  make a bit of a jumble of a lot of topics, because that’s what I do best I think! 🙂

    I have been meaning to mention also a big thanks you lovely lot for all the incredible support, recently, whether that’s followers or commenters or likers, it shocks me every day how many of you are interested in this random blobs of content I seem to post! So thank youu VERY much!

    Also, I hope you like the doodles posts I do, because I have been busy doodling some Christmassy themed drawings which is very fun.

    Snowflake in progress

    There wasn’t a lot of thoughts in this post, but I thought I would share with you a few things anyway! I hope you lovely ones have been having a great week so far, and let me know anything ideas wise because it makes my day!

    Happy hugs,

    The importanty bit at the bottom…

    I use piccollage (text) and Tayasui Sketches Pro (Bee) for the signature thing…!

    I photograph on Sony HX400v (even through windows)

    I am taking part in Blogmas and posting every day in the run up to christmas! Yay! 🙂

    You lovely lot are all amazing! 🙂


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