Stocking Up and Soggy Camera Snapping

Today was a bit of a damp and drizzly day, not that I went all sad about! I made two clays and did some camera snapping outdoors in the beautiful leafy surroundings! It made me realise how cold it was outside when I came back into the house! Have a read of what I did today..

Happy Saturday guyss

…and i hope you are having a happy Saturday wherever you are in the world right now! I can show you what little clay creation I made for my Etsy shop (although it isn’t up there yet because I need to figure out the shipping costs etc etc) and a few snaps of the day when one cheeky rabbit had yet more adventures…

Brrr, it sure was cold, and FINGERS CROSSED it might snow this year, at least that’s what I hope because it is certainly cold enough! But nevertheless rabbits are never phased by a bit of chilly weather, so I decided I would man up and go and take some camera snaps! It was very soggy on the grass and a bit grey, but anyways, I camera snapped because I had to keep an eye on Reenie!

What is so interesting in that flowerpot?!

I also realised that rabbits must have an amazing memory because a week or a couple of weeks ago Reenie had explored round the back of the shed, and as soon as I let her out today, she went straight over there, which was unexpected!

I have also been busy happily crafting a little biddle burger clay charm…teehee! It was surprisingly easy and I could use a few techniques to be all fancy and that, by dusting the top to look burnt and texturing the burger layer with…yup…a bobby pin….I know I am so technical, right?!

I made two, so I can keep one for the record (after a quick trip to the burger hospital after an eye fell off…) and sell one on my Etsy shop, which hasn’t got anything properly for sale on it yet, so I am busily stocking up, and the rest over Christmas clays will be up there soon aswell, yay so much exciting stuff for Winter!

A sneak peak of my Christmas clays…

I also have to say that I was very happy when I found out that you can send off for your name to be put on a label on a marmite jar…*ahem* Christmas present*ahem*


Ooh I have so many exciting posts for Blogmas, soon, Tabi, soon…

Bub-bye from me!

Stuff nobody probably reads…

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches pro for that heart signature 🙂

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I AM taking part in Blogmas

Have an amazing day, because you are AMAZING 🙂


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