My Updated Blog Goals

So…*I really need to stop starting the intro with ‘so’* you seemed to really enjoy my last Blog Goals post, and in fact I think it really helped and motivated me to just get my head down and write. Plus, I think I have achieved a lot of the goals I set myself, so they need updating, so I can get on the right track and improve the blog even mooore! 

Hey wherever you are in the world!

Today I have taken, yup you guessed it, even more photos, and I have just baked some cakes so I need to write fast so I can eat one, mwahaha.. But I am also sharing with you my Blog Goals that I would love to achieve at least some of the, by Christmas! Is that a big ask? Well, I guess sometimes you HAVE to challenge yourself, don’t you!

Busy Bee has come so far in such a short amount of time. I have worked so so hard just to achieve a blog like this. And yes it isn’t perfect, but do you think I care?! There is still so much I can do to improve, but I will gradually, not overnight. I’d like to say a big shout out to all you amazing followers that made one of my previous Blog Goals possible…that was to get fifty followers…and I can’t believe I actually did it! Thank youuu!

Honestly…you probably want me to shush up and get on with the whole point of this post don’t you?

  • First of all to start it off, is the followers. I already can’t believe I got 50 – like, whaaaat! So, I am aiming for ONE HUNDRED *gasp* by Christmas! Yup, I said I would make a challenge!
  • And next up, is…. Thinking about the contenty side, I would love to aim for more crafty tutorials and one or two ‘daily blogs’ per week, because they seem to be popular, but I can’t forget that I love to create things and share them too!
  • The next goal is posting at a more regular time each day, because I think if I do, you lovely lot will actually have some sort of idea of when there will be a new post. It would still be at evening around five o clock ish, because that seems to work.

  • Blogging every day up until Christmas-well, technically this isn’t a blog goal because it is just Blogmas, but it still counts because I have been super busy scribbling Christmas ideas for this blog and I just can’t wait to show you lot!
  • And of course I can’t go without saying encourage commenting, because whenever I do get a comment it is always just so positive and thoughtful, it makes my day a whole lot better, so thank you and big hugs if you commented something lovely jubbly! 🙂
  • A few more foody posts every now and again, just to mix things up a bit! Even if they are complete fails…

    And there we have it, my Blog Goals updated and ready to be crossed off, I am so excited for this month and I really really hope I can complete these, so thanks for coming along on this super crazy and fun journey! Enjoy Busy Bee! Yay!

    Hope you lovely lot are having a smashing day and hope you also liked some of the pictures I took!

    Happy hugs and squeezes,

    That importanty bit at the bottom…

    I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature thingy wotsit

    I camera snap on Sony HX400v

    I am taking part in Blogmas and posting something Christmassy every day until Christmas…YAY!

    Hope y’all having the best day ever ever ever!


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