25 Reasons Christmas is the best time of year!

There are just so many things about the wintery months and Christmas especially that we can all be super excited and thankful for, so how many could I come up with? Well, 25 of course! But I’m sure you lovely lot have so many more and different ones too,  these are just most of my list! Yay!

Happy Winter everybodyy,

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I’m sure you will know how great the season of sharing and kindness is! Well, for me, I just love the 25th, spending time with people you know and love and just having a great day! 🙂

Can anyone else really believe it is only three whole days until Christmas Day? I feel like we all need a bit of a positive festive list today! I have been super busy finishing off handmade gifts for everyone today, which is one of my favouritest things ever to do at Christmas!

There are so many amazing things about the chilly season, I couldn’t go through Blogmas without mentioning this whopper of a list of happy wintery things! Im going to stop waffling (again) and get reeet into this list! 🙂

  1. Snuggly pyjama evenings! Because who doesn’t love to get in their pyjamas or comfy clothes and snuggle up on a sofa? 🙂
  2. Snow. Do I really need to explain? Well when it rarely does snow, it is so so fun! I once made a snow rabbit!
  3. Craft and Art, there are countless amounts of things you can draw or create in the wintery months, especially in the run up to Christmas!
  4. Inspiration, everywhere you look!
  5. Yummy warm drinks, hot chocolate, tea, coffee…yumm
  6. Giving gifts to loved ones. I genuinely get the best feeling from making someone a handmade present and wrapping it, then giving it on Christmas morning, even more than recieveing a gift sometimes!
  7. Snacks!
  8. A Christmas tree, makes a room ten million times cosier, and I love decorating it too!
  9. Writing Christmas cards, I love writing little cards as a token gesture
  10. Smell of Baking, warm Gingerbreads scents or cinnamon and sugary smells make me feel so so festive…and hungry!
  11. Christmas Dinner! Everyone has different traditions, but we have one that is my special favourite…bread sauce! A lot of people have no idea what I’m talking about though, is it a tradition to you? 😊
  12. Wrapping up warm, fingers crossed because it might snow!
  13. Smiles!
  14. Scented candles, because there are just too many Christmas candles! But that definitely isn’t a bad thing!
  15. Films, I love watching festive films on Christmas Eve!
  16. DIYs! You all know I love a good Christmas make!
  17. Christmas jumpers!
  18. Crackers, although I never seem to win…
  19. Advent calendars
  20. Wrapping up gifts! Is just my absolute favourite thing to do before christmas!
  21. Cheese boards, I love cheese ok?
  22. Blogmas and Vlogmas! Vlogs and blog posts every day until Christmas , what more could you want?,
  23. Bad jokes…they make you laugh because they’re just so awful!
  24. Bobble hats!
  25. Sledging-if it snows, it is a lot of fun!

When you make a big long list of things we should be thankful for and happy for, you realise how many fun and great things we are so lucky to have at Christmasy! And now I just can’t wait!

Do you have any more things to add to the list, or traditions? I’d love to hear!

Festive hugs!


You lovely lot are amazing! Thank you to every single one of my little bees! ❤


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