Behind the Bee

I just saw a rainbow!! *ahem* But back to the point…There are a whoole lotta blogs out there that have names with proper meanings, whether it is a part of their name that they have made a twist upon, or there favourite combination of two foods as a name, they can be the most random reasons, so what about…Busy Bee?

Hello hey hi hiya how you doin!

Yes Busy Bee has an actual reason, that means something to me. It isn’t just because I am always super busy doing something creative or exploring nature whilst snapping away on my camera, noo. There is an actual reason behind why I named this Blog, Busy Bee. 

I thought it would be great to share it with you, because why keep it secret? So if ya interested, I will tell you!

Firstly, I know I have realised there is another, or maybe two blogs that may have a similar name, but this name ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING to me personally, so I’m not going to give it up (yup…that explains why there is a ‘web’ on the end of my domain *siigh*…). 

When I was a bit younger, I would always loove (well, still do!) to make and design my own magazines for fun at home with pieces of card and coloured paper. I would spend soo long coming up with designs and names, in fact I actually did a whole series for like a whole year of a magazine named, ‘Tabazine’! It is so much fun, and that little magazine was about a5 size, full of tutorials, stories, photos of crafts, the LOT. 

But then I thought, do you know what, let’s go big. So o used a3 sheets and folded them in half, and made one massive magazine which I could ‘sell’ to family! It was also full of basically all things creative, and I would get out my 24 colouring sharpies and colour. Colour. Colour. ! I had so much fun and I was actually really happy with the magazine.

And that magazine was called Busy Bee.

Sometimes i even got called a ‘Busy Bee’ when i was constantly making things from cereal boxes and plastic bottles! So, when I finally set up a blog of my own, it seemed natural I guess for it to be called Busy Bee. 

I mean, it’s alright to have a name that has no meaning, but I definitely think it adds that extra personal touch to your site. So I thought I would share why I called Busy Bee what I did. I think it is such a great idea to write this post, because not a lot of blogs I have read do, so why not share it with your fellow blogging chums! 🙂

Hope you lovely lot are having a super fabuloose day! 

Buzzy bub-byes! (maybe one day I will be able to get rid of the ‘web’, I know it can be a bit of a mouthful…)!)

That ‘importanty’ bit at the end…

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the hearty thing a ma jig.

I go camera snapping on Sony HX400v

Yup, I am taking part in Blogmas! Woop!

I post every day except Wednesday ❤

Love you lovely lot 🙂


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