33 Autumn Inspired Crafts to make before Winter!

Yup, let’s face it, it is preeeety cold, and cold means Winter and Christmas months are nearly here! Yay! Buut, there are still a few crafty doodly things you can make before December! From easy to simple to outrageously adorable! I love making things that involve Autumn and animals, so it was the perfect excuse for his post!

Happy Tuesday people from all over the world!

(Yup, still don’t have a PROPER intro,..)

I know literally every blogger has moaned about poor lighting cus it’s winter…but…it’s true. And so there aren’t any especially new photos here, I’m just gonna put it out there! But I hope you lovely lot can forgive me! 🙂

This is my last chance to make an autumnal post, let me know if you liked or did any of these! 

Let’s get on with this super duper long list…ish 🙂

  1. A HUGE board with leaves, your Autumn drawings, orange and red colours, and Autumn quotes collages all over, make it MAHOOSIVE! 
  2. Woodland Animal Doodles:foxes, rabbits, deer, hedgehogs, bears, squirrels or badgers! Cute!
  3. Sewing stuff! You could make a notebook cover, toy woodland animal, or even a phone case with an Autumnal pattern or design.
  4. Draw a deer family
  5. Cardboard name place markers. They don’t have to be cardboard, but make some place name markers for a yummy feast!
  6. Bake something with cinnamon! Sort of Christmassy, but it has a warm feeling so I think it counts for Autumn too! Try some biscuits!
  7. Draw teeny tiny doodles of all things Autumn, you could include leaves, trees, warm clothes like scarves and yup, MORE woodland animals!
  8. Make an Autumn Scrapbook and add photographs and souvenirs that are to do with things you have done in September, October and November so far.
  9. Make a film! Ok…so it’s not exactly a craft, but it’s fun! Have an outdoorsy theme maybe!
  10. Leaf rubbings or paint leaves and print them on paper, a classic Autumn craft!
  11. Draw miniature Autumn things on a miniature notebook you can make! How small can you make it?
  12. A jar of all things AUTUMN. Get a nice big glass jar and full it with things like pinecones, Autumn doodles, leaves, orange material, acorns, you get the idea! Be creative:) 
  13. Make a paw print potato stamp and make a cool Autumn pattern on paper with it.
  14. Draw a Hedgehog with a woolly hat-GO!
  15. Make an Autumn inspired phone or tablet/laptop case, you could sew it!
  16. Sketch a scene, any scene.
  17. Make a board game with an Autumn theme…Monopoly?!
  18. Clay clay clay clay!
  19. Create a hedgehog house and put it in your garden, they need a home too! There are plenty of tips online and tutorials, it’s a great idea!
  20. Decorate notebooks with orange, gold, red and yellows. Make a cool pattern or add things to it like leave So!
  21. Do a leaf pencil rubbing with a textured pattern on.
  22. Draw three squirrels sat on a branch in a tree.
  23. Make a biscuit box and put Autumn biscuits in it! Make sure you have a clean box and then decorate it!
  24. Make Autumn pencil toppers! Out of clay, cardboard, material or even just paper!
  25. Draw a whole page of leafy and outdoor things, colour it in Autumn colours!
  26. Write a blog post on 20 reasons to love Autumn ❤ 
  27. Paint a fireplace (on paper of a fireplace, if you didn’t understand!)
  28. Write a story that has an Autumn theme about a mystery in a forest!
  29. Draw things on orange paper and shade in the backgrounds with black pen so they look like silhouettes…sort of?
  30. Draw 50 Autumn animals and objects! I challenge you!
  31. Sew a mini cushion of something Autumnal, this could be an animal or object!
  32. Make a photo book of photos you camera snapped this Autumn! Decorate it too 🙂
  33. Finally…make a collage of photos, doodles, objects you collected and anything to do with Autumn to hang on your wall.

Thank you for hanging out until the end! I know it can be tedious, but hopefully this either inspired you or interested you! I enjoyed coming up with ideas so get those creative hats on! Hope you lovely lot had an amazing day and smileee! 🙂

    Happy crafting !


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    I camera snap on Sony HX400v

    I am going to do Blogmas in December! Nearly there and I have lots planned!

    Have an amazing day you lovely lot! ❤


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