How to Keep Camera Snapping in the Snowy Season

Winter is great for so many reasons, it’s an amazing season…until it comes to camera snapping. Yup, it’s a real nuisance when you simply wanna take a simple liddle picture of that flat lay! It can be tricky getting around this slump of photography, but I …well attempted to help you!

Hello to every corner of the world!

My camera was determined not to let the darkness beat it. It has this setting, well it’s actually on auto, that makes even pitch black look like it is midday! Which can be extremely useful, however not when you are trying to emphasise how dark it is…

But just hoow can you take better photos in the dark?! 

It’s a struggle when winter comes, and you want a really light photo, but the lighting doesn’t look very natural at all!

  1. Trick number one is to alter the cheeky little settings on your camera. This can make a whole lotta difference, because it makes it look like it is half way through the day, not midnight! On most cameras you can make the capture brighter, more vibrant, the colour scheme etc…
  2. Or…just work with it! You could always make cool dramatic dark shots, which I did in a post, Dark and Wintery. It looked very effective and dramatic, rather than tying to make everything look like summer light!
  3. Next trick would definitely be get some good indoor lighting. I have seen many people using ring lights, soft boxes or lamps, preferably with a whitish light not yellowy. When the sun sets, it is very hard to recreate natural light, however it can be done, so experiment with all different lighting.
  4. Have backup photos! Look, if all else fails, you are going to want some photos that you took on a different day that have fab natural light! Have a range of photos ready that you haven’t used before just for the occasion. Because yes it is very irritating when you sit down ready to create the most amazing blog post, and you have no photos…and it’s dark…phrmph
  5. Edit your photographies! If you can get a semi bright photo at least, I’m sure a teeny bit of cheeky editing won’t harm you! You should check out good photo editors, then raise the brightness and colour of the photo, this should improve the lighting quite well. You can get decent editors for free, without paying an absolute fooortune for photoshop or what have you.

    Did this help? Maybe…Maybe now you can beat that hurdle of taking photos in the dark! I hope you lovely lot enjoyed your day, or are having a lovely day! Don’t worry I am planning lots and lots of crafty posts especially for Christmas, and tonnes more photos of course! Yippee 🙂

    Happy camera snapping!

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    You Lovely lot are the best! Keep commenting! 😊


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