The Busy Bee Challenge

I sat down thinking. I thought. And I thought. And I thought again, until it came to me… A CHALLENGE! *Trumpet fanfare* I really wanted to get people motivated and excited for this weekend. And what better way than with a challenge of course! Hooray 🙂

Hello you lovely lot!

Yup, I challenge you. YOU. Yup, YOU. 

I want you all to write a blog post about something happy and inspiring or motivational, with all creative or booky or arty or foody or just chatty posts for every day of one whole week! Yup, might sound stressful, but don’t let it be! There is no pressure, just a bit of a challenge to see if you can! You can follow my ideas or make up your own!

A few ideas to post…

  • 28 Ways to make someone smile
  • How to make gingerbread biscuits (food always makes me happy)
  • Photos I took today of happy things 🙂
  • A quote that will make you smileee
  • 7 methods for a healthier and happier weekend
  • 11 doodles in 1 day!
  • My snuggly routine (onesie, hot chocolate, slippers etc…!)
  • Ten things I did today that made me smile

    Happy posts can make someone’s day and make a reader smile! I always try doing that when I write, so I challenge you all to give it a go! Make someone smile through your blog! You can call the first post ‘Busy Bee Challenge’ and link back to me if you wish and I’m sure more people may like to join in if you do. 🙂 

    Make someone SMILE! 🙂

    Good luck! Let me know if you want or have taken part! I might even mention your blog in a future post if you like! 

    *whoops! I did not mean to click ‘post’…fail*

    Happy blogging!

    That ‘importanty’ bit at the end…

    I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the heart signature thing 

    I camera snap on the Sony HX400v

    Let me know any questions for a Q&A !

    I post every day except Wednesdays

    I am taking part in Blogmas!


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