Christmas Clay Reveal!

I was supposed to wait until Blogmas for this post, but SERIOUSLY I am not patient, and you deserve to see my latest festive creations, don’t you? Besides, I will show you pictures of the sale possibly and talk about the sale more during Blogmas, but for now it is my first properly festive post! What better way to start!

Happy Christmas everyone!

(Hang on it isn’t Christmas JUST yet..!)

Hey there wherever you are in the world! I decided to finaaaaly reveal the cute iddle biddle clays I have been so busy making and baking and photographing! I showed a sneak peek a while ago, but finally you can see them for real!

You lovely lot know how much I adore making tiny little clays and baking them in the oven. Well since the festive season crept up, I thought I’d better get making some Christmas versions! So I made five of each so I could keep one and still have four to sell, and I actually managed to make that many! There are various designs, my favourite possibly being the gingerbread, but I couldn’t possibly say! They’re all my little friends! ❤

I would often run out of ideas, then suddenly one would pop out of nowhere and I would get to work moulding and shaping, adding bits on and moulding again! It’s a tough process, which some people don’t realise how much effort goes in to one of these little guys! Don’t even get me started on the repetitiveness!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed making them so so much, and I thought I just had to share them with you all, seeing as you seem to like my other little creations! Yay 🙂 ooh I am so excited for Christmas now, especially after a teeny bit of Christmas shopping, well, more like browsing!

These are all the little clays, except one design which hadn’t been made at the time but you can see them below…I made Santa hats, robins, snowmen, reindeer, Brussels sprouts, gingerbread men, two presents and some holly leaves I scattered about! Wow, now I write this it’s quite a lot of little guys! Some are charms, that may have Christmassy twine so they can be tree decorations and some are just cute little Christmas shapes!

Below you can see the full collection of them all…

I really really hope this got you in the festive spirit of happiness and creativity! Let me know which are your favourites and I hope you enjoyed this reveal! I loved making every single one of them, and they will be going up on my etsy shop soon! 😊

Buzzy bub-byes!

Stuff you may want to know!

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