51 Unique Blog Post Ideas

I know everyone sometimes needs that little push to get going. We all have those days where we just think what on earth can I possibly write about?! But the thing is a lot of blog post ideas are the same sort of thing…and I’m all about unique and different ideas! That’s when this post came about!

Evening or morning you lovely lot!

You’ve come home from a hard day at work or school or whatever, and you just want to relax. You have something to eat and do some work, it’s about nine o clock by the time you have finished, but THEN… You forgot to post something…oh dear! It’s alright though- you can still have interesting to read and great content, although I don’t advise you leave it until nine at night! :O

You may or may not have heard some of these, but take a look at them anyway!


  1. Tell your viewers the story behind your blog name (see ‘Behind the Bee’!)
  2. Take pictures and write about what you would pack for a holiday
  3. Blog about what you did that day! Photos,etc
  4. Host a competition-this could have an actual prize OR the prize could be that you make something that they suggested!
  5. Write a Q&A (make up questions if you don’t have time to ask people)
  6. Review the book you are currently engrossed in 🙂
  7. What programmes are you watching at th moment? Do you like them?
  8. How you made (that project you did a while ago)
  9. Photo of the Day, what it means to you.
  10. 26 reasosn to feel positive this week!
  11. A Festive post, things that you love to do at Christmas!
  12. A quote that really inspired you
  13. Your cosy pyjamas routine
  14. A collection: clothes, craft things,shoes,pictures…
  15. Before and after photos: before editing and after editing or changing settings on a camera.
  16. A haul, but not any ordinary haul! Make it different with crafty things, baking or sport stuff!
  17. Things you have learnt and ways you have changed your blog to get where it is today.
  18. 100 Facts about You and things you like!
  19. Evening Snacks-how to make them
  20. Blogging tips,how to get noticed on Google,gaining followers,posting regularly…
  21. 48 Things to do when you are super bored
  22. 5 things that made you smile today! 🙂
  23. The Perfect winding down evening: think baths,hot chocolate and films…
  24. How to organise your life, with a smile! 🙂
  25. Why Christmas is about giving not recieving
  26. Festive Wishlist (you probably have heard this one! But it’s a great idea still!)
  27. An interesting or funny story that happened to you recently!
  28. Drawing tips and tricks and how to draw!
  29. The latest skincare products and ways to make you gloow!
  30. 7 Steps to  healthy lifestyle
  31. DIYs that can be done in two minutes-2 Minute makes!
  32. Blog post ideas for the busy blogger!
  33. Host a challenge (see ‘The Busy Bee Challenge’)
  34. Inspire people with motivational quotes and words or poems.
  35. Make a list of goals you want to achieve both for you and your blog by 2017!
  36. Explain why you started blogging, and why your readers should do so too!
  37. Show photos of your wintery wardrobe
  38. A video post, this could be a vlog or a craft tutorial, for example!
  39. How to come up with fabuloose post titles!
  40. A collection of photos from a local nature reserve or woodland area.
  41. Nature crafts and photos.
  42. Just go camera snapping and write nothing, just photography for the whole post!
  43. Write down all your thoughts, dreams and wishes for the week (see ‘Thursday Thoughts’ or ‘Wednesday Thoughts’!)
  44. Do you have an idol or rolemodel?
  45. Make a ‘what if’ post…What if you wrote a book, what would you call it?…What if you won the lottery,what would you do?…etc
  46. 100 Things you love about Winter Season
  47. A review of another blog that insires you.
  48. 5 Easy meals to cook last minute with minimal ingredients!
  49. Tell a story of something that you experienced such as an amazing restaurant or great park for a picnic day out (I have been spelling it ‘resturant’ for years and I only realised recently…:) )
  50. How to have the perfect morning routine to get you ready for the day ahead!
  51. How Blogging has inspired you to be more productive/proactive!

Some Christmassy doodles! 


    Hope this was of some help to you! If you have any more ideas, let us all know! I have had a lovely day and weekend, so I hope you lovely lot have had a great day too! It’s nearly Blogmas now, that means a Christmassy post from me every day (what HAVE I let muself in to…)! ❤ You are all the best and I can’t thank you enough for the support, now keep on blogging!

    Warm hugs and smiless,



    That bit at the end that might be of use…

    I use Piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for that signature thingy ma bob

    I camera snap on Sony HX400v (love it!)

    I post every day except Wednesday!

    Don’t forget to comment or ask me questions for a future Q&A! ❤


    11 thoughts on “51 Unique Blog Post Ideas

    1. A famous poet in my native tongue, in a poem saying anything can be the subject of a poem, listed some common things. And a story-writer who was his fan, wrote a story on each of those! That is what I suggested while reblogging this.

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