DIY Fridge Magnets

Surely I’m not the ONLY one that has free magnets lying around the house…ok, so I might be…Buut when this adorable little idea popped into my head I was so ready to grab my crafty bits and bobs and just get making!

Happy Tuesday everybodyy,

*It IS a Tuesday right?*

Welcome back to another DIY post, because you all definitely need to fill that blank gap on your fridge, and cute it up a bit! ❤ I was originally planning on a doodles post, but I thought, I’m gonna just take it up a level and make fridge magnets with doodles on them! I’m so glad I did now because they are going to look so adorable on my fridge! Yay!

So I guess you want to know how to make these iccle creations, huh? 🙂

Stuff You’ll Need…

Firstly your going to need a few things, but luckily this DIY doesn’t involve looads-yippee for bank allowance!

  • Drawing pen
  • Paper
  • Old magnets
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • An Imagination (:) )


How to make it…

First of all you’re going to want to grab a pen and get doodling some designs. If you like, you can draw around your magnet in pencil onto the paper, giving you the outline so you can’t accidentally draw a huge elephant in a tiny square… Or just do it by eye, like I did. I created a rabbit, pineapple and fruits and FOOD!


You can roughly cut or tear around the picture to make the next step a bit easier…

Next grab the gluestick and whack some glue on to the magnet, on the side that is NOT magnetic. I find it a lot easier to glue the magnet, rather than the paper, because you can’t go out the lines!

A quicky little tricky is to hold it up to the light and see if you got the design in the centre of the design, does that make sense? The picture should explain a bit better! You can adjust the paper if it isn’t before it dries.

Snip around the paper, trying to get as close to the edge of the magnet as you can…without cutting the actual magnet though…! 🙂

Voila! I enjoyed making these cute magnets so so much, have a go and let me know what designs you have made or would love to see from me! It’s quick and you hardly need many things, as long as you’ve got the magnets that’s the main thing! Now your fridge looks so much better, riight?!

I’m sorry about the photos because it just gets dark so quick now! Half of them were took in the dark but my camera miraculously changed them to look like day! I hope they’re alright!

Feel free to colour them in, or even cut the magnet to a cool shape! The possibilities literally are ENDLESS! Hope you lovely lot are having the best day!

See you little bees,


The ‘importanty’ bit at the end…

I use Piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for that signature thingy!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v (<3)

I post every day except Wednesdays…

I am taking part in Blogmas-yay!


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