Ultimate Winter Checklist 2016!

I have been super duper excited to share this post with you guys for so long! It suddenly popped into my mind and I literally smileeed! So, I’ve compiled a Winter checklist of simply everything wintery, festive and fun! Yay time for cosy time and reading this checklist!

Happy Blogmas my busy bees!

Yup, it’s my first EVEER blogmas post, and after *has to work out number…* nearly four months blogging, I think I’m definitely ready to tackle Blogmas! 🙂 I have been planning and planning and just being super bubbly and excited about all the ideas I have-woop woop!

Alright, chiill Tabi…

And what better way to kick Blogmas reet off than with the Ultimate Winter Checklist? If you’re not sure what on earth I’m blabbering on about, just read on and I’m sure you’ll get it! Basically I have made a big whopping Winter and festive list of things you need to do this season, make, draw, cook, go outdoors and do, just all things everything…!

Tried a cheeky bokeh here…!

I came downstairs this morning and I looked outside, and I honestly thought it had snowed! Yup, it really was THAT frosty and foggy! Outside looked like a real winter wonderland, with frosty cobwebs that looked so magical and icy, not to mention the frosty grass and layer of frost covering every surface! It was beautiful! I can’t wait for all the opportunities to go camera snapping and get inspiration from the chilly surroundings! Yay! Although it had melted a bit by the time I got the opportunity, almost as pretty at least!

Things to Do...

  •  Firstly you deefinitely need to watch some Christmas films, right! There are so many out there, and I love Christmas ones especially because they are really funny and great for evenings in pyjamas ❤

  •  My next thing for you to check off is a Winter walk. You absolutely HAVE to go outside to a lovely place you love, wrap up warm and have scavenger hunts or just little adventures! I love wrapping up in hats and coats and seeing what you can explore in the cold months…
  •  Thirdly, you are so going to need to go camera snapping at some point! You may not be in love with photography like I am at the moment (teehee!) You don’t need a good phone camera or camera to enjoy taking photos, just grab whatever you have and enjoy it! Especially in Winter, this is simply the perfect time to have fun
  •  Crafts! Make, make, make this December and try to create loads of handmade gifts, trust me- they will be recieved a squillion percent times better if you made them! Whether you love to draw or get creative with PVA, just do it and make it with love! (awh…) ❤
  •  In number five is Christmas Shopping. The trouble with this one, is that not everyone’s a fan! For some they find it stressful or daunting because the feeling of knowing you MUST get presents or you MUST go Christmas shopping, but take a step back and remember your happiness comes first! Have a nice trip to a town with family, don’t make it a chore!

Things to Wear...

  • Bobble Hats! I just love them so much! They keep you warm and there are so many styles to choose from! Yay!
  • Scarves and hats-:) To keep toastie!
  • Thick oversized jumpers, so warm and great for snuggle-up evenings!
  • Boots or wellington boots, for wintery walks and icy strolls!
  • Fluffiest socks possible!
  • Coats-you may be a big fan of long coats, or parka jackets…or maybe you like a super snuggly one with a fluff-lined hood for the ultimate WARMTH 🙂

Health and lifestyle...

  • Ok, firstly, you cannot possibly go through the chilly season without coming home to a bubble bath of dreams…bubbles, a magazine to read, candles or cosy lights and lots of bath products or bath bombs! When it’s cold, sometimes all you want to do is hop in a warm relaxing bath!
  • The perfected skincare routine…In Winter, when you feel too lazy to wash your face, try to come up with a routine for glowing skin! It will make you feel ready for the day and happy and fresh-yay! Try drinking plenty of water, eat healthily (come on, let’s be realisitic this won’t happen all the time at Christmas!) and wash your face once to twice a day. Although you can find plenty of home remedies to cleanse your face such as lemon and citrus fruits.
  • Take a break! When the nights get darker, you’re going to feel sleepier and just wish you could stop working and enjoy a relaxing evening, well sometimes this is the best thing to do because you can take a step back and re-energise!


  • Mince Pies
  • Gingerbread men
  • Apple and cinnamon cake
  • Christmassy Shortbread
  • Christmas Dinner!
  • Chocolate Log
  • Hot Chocolate

Crafty Bits and Bobs...

  •  Christmas twine and festive ribbons! Twine is literally a must have for Christmas wrapping!
  • Everything…red and green! A burgundy red and darkish green go so well together as festive colours, so grab anything from buttons to glitter to pipe cleaners!
  • Brown paper for wrapping presents, a must have 🙂

  • Wrapping paper with festive designs…you can actually make so many crafts with just wrapping paper! I might even make you a whole post on it!
  • Tinsel and sparkly things
  • And all your other crafty bits and bobs!

Don’t you just love Winter? Yup it is absolutely freezing, but when you make a big long list of things you should be doing and making, it can be such a great season! I’ve always loved Autumn, but then I realised how fun Winter was!

Reenie not phased by a little bit of frost!

What are all your FAVOURITE things about Winter for you?

Icy and snowy hugs,


The importanty bit at the end…

I use Piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for that signature thingy!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I post every day except Wednesday’s!

I am posting every day of blogmas, which means tonnes of DIYS and Wintery things!

Love you lovely lot! ❤


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