DIY Colour-in Wrapping Paper!

I think I have just found the perfect way to get your little ones involved with wrapping up Christmas paper- but not only them! This is super easy, super fun and SUPER effective! It’s cute and simple, with a Christmassy twist…

Happy Friday everybodyy,

Yup, it’s day 2 of Blogmas and I’m back with a DIY that’s about to beat the awkwardness of giving someone a present with naf wrapping paper…We’ve all been there, right? 🙂

I came up with this little make whilst thinking about my next DIY…I’ve always loved making wrapping paper myself, but it never turns out looking profesh and it just looks, well, handmade…so I set about making something that not only looks handmade, but looks GOOD. So I chose pen (pft, as usual!) to make the patterns I did look shop-produced and expert! Then I just got cracking!

Here’s how you make this cutee wrapping paper and gift tags!

Stuff You’ll Need…

  • A4,A3 or A2 printer paper (depending on the present size, I used A4.)
  • Black Drawing Pen
  • Christmas Twine
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (to make a hole in the tag)

How to Make it…

Firstly, you’re going to want to grab your pen and think up some designs. I chose snowflakes as the main theme, then filled in the background with little Christmassy things! Santa hats, Christmas trees, stars,reindeer and holly leaves, anything festive!

My top tip is make sure you leave as little gaps between shapes as possible, because when you wrap up the present you will find that it looks better, even if you just draw a star to fill the gap!

Next Draw a small tag shape, or find a template online and draw a circle for the thread to go through. Write some nice messages or pictures, or even the person’s name! Cut around the tag leaving about a milimetre edge.

I glued my tags on cardboard (thicker the better 🙂 ) and then just like before, cut around the shape. Finish the tag by piercing a hole through the circle you drew. Stick some blu-tac or clay behind it to make it easier.

All you need to do now is wrap up your present and secure with selotape, tie the twine and thread your tag on too. Secure with a bow in the twine and you have your own colour-in wrapping paper! You can colour the pictures in before or after if you wish! Or just leave it black and white! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about this too easy to be true DIY that will really help your Christmas wrapping skills!

Lots of luck and love,


Stuff you may want to know…

I use piccollage and tayasui Sketches Pro for the heart signature thing!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am posting every day until Christmas (Blogmas!)

I use Uni Pin Drawing pen (0.1) and Bakers Twine you can find in many craft shops 🙂

I love you lovely lot, every one of youu ❤


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