Craft Sale, Christmas Card Reveal and Countdown

I was so excited for my first craft sale where I can share my Christmas cards and little clays for people to buy! Yay! I also decided to share my full collection of Christmas Cards and have a bit of a cheeky chatty about what I did today! *Has mini panic when realised I accidentally clicked ‘post’!* 

Hello everybodyy from wherever you are in the world!

I can’t believe it’s Already the third day of Blogmas, so we have had ‘the Ultimate Winter checklist’ and ‘DIY Colour in Wrapping Paper’ and I enjoyed making both posts so much, so I hope you enjoy reading them too! But anyways, back to what I did today! It’s counting down to Christmas-eek!

Throughout this post I will include pictures of Christmas Cards I drew! Yay! festiveness! 🙂

Friday was the set up day, although somehow we managed to sell a few even then! There were a couple of sales on Saturday, and once the sale was over I stopped on the way home to take a few photos of duckies and the AMAZING sunset! It was so beautiful and the clouds were all pink as the sun set! 

It was back home in the cosy warm house for doodling and a scrummy licious tea! Yay! 

I didn’t have loads to write about today, so instead I thought I would share all my Christmas cards! I did a post revealing my clays, so now the cards! 

Festive hugs and smileees,

Stuff you may want to know!

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the heart signature thingy!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am posting every day until Christmas, yay!

Hope you lovely lot are having an amazing day! ❤


10 thoughts on “Craft Sale, Christmas Card Reveal and Countdown

  1. I am doing blogmas well my version of it. I didnt know other bloggers do it too. I thought i was coping the youtuber vlogmas.

    I like this post of yours your are talented crafty person. Came across you blog via Alucias blog, as she followed me. And i always check oit who follows me..and found out blogmas is a thing in the blogging world…the joke is i thought it fid…lol.. ho ho ho..

    Liked by 1 person

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