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Favourite Christmas movie…Favourite Christmas song…have you ever had a white Christmas…who wouldn’t want to answer all these questions and share it with you lovely lot?! I have read so many of these posts and none of them had tagged anyone in particular, they all just say, do the tag if you like it! So I did, and it was sooo fun! 🙂

Happy Monday my little bees!

It’s yeet another Busy Blogmas post! (Yup, I did just come up with that!)

This has made me feel so super duper Christmassy and fuzzy! Now a lot of people have been posting Christmas tags, and I have really wanted to do one, but wasn’t tagged…that’s when I realised hardly anyone was actually tagging other people! most just said they tagged everyone reading, so I though, well why not?

I’ve been posting plenty of DIYs, now it is time for a taggy post! Grab your hot choccy and enjooy!

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

There are the BEST films around December, so there are way too many great and hilarious ones to pick just one! Although I do love Elf, A Muppets Christmas Carol and of course Nativity! They’re all great ‘cosy’ films!


Have You Ever had a White Christmas?

There was one year that was especially snowy and magical, I remember it being SO deep and it was just super fun to go outside in and make snowmen (or snow bunnies for me)! Wrapping up warm and then coming inside to thaw out again! I am hoping for snow again this year though…:)


Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?

Usually at home of course! I think when days get darker sooner and colder, you just want to stay indoors and spend time with family and friends, that’s how I love to spend Christmas anyway!


What’s your Favourite Christmas Song?

I love pretty much anything Christmassy and festive when it comes to songs, because it’s more about the fact they’re all jolly and happy, but if I had to pick a classic favourite…then possibly, ‘Driving Home for Christmas’? I don’t really have a favourite!


Do you Open any Presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope! I think it can spoil the point of Christmas Day, although I know it’s  a tradition for some and I have opened friends’ cards or gifts with them because it’s nice before!


Can You Name all of Santa’s Reindeer?

Prancer,Dancer,Donner,Blitzen,Vixen,Dasher,Cupid,Comet,Rudolph? Is that all? I think I did pretty well!


What Holiday Traditions are you most looking forward to this year?

I always look forward to spending time with everyone, making people handmade things and putting up decorations with everyone too! Yay!



Is Your Tree Real or Fake?

We almost always have a lovely real tree because of the smell and feel of a real one. I have a little fake one in my room though!

What is Your Favourite Holiday Food or Sweet Treat?

Um…Ooh that’s a tricky one, probably bread sauce! Mm it’s delicious! I also loove Gingerbread Men and I love baking the little fellas!


Be Honest, do you like giving or recieving gifts better?

This is my absolutely honest answer: Giving. Well more like making people handmade presents, wrapping them up and tucking them away under the tree!

What’s the best Christmas Gift You’ve ever Recieved?

That’s a real tricky one, I don’t think I have a main one that I can remember! But I do love a nice bit of choccy! 🙂


What Would be your Dream Place to visit in the holidays be?

I would love to go somewhere chilly to stay in a cosy wood log cabin perhaps, but I’d much rather prefer stay at home with my family!

Are You a Pro Present Wrapper or do you Fail Miserbaly?

I basically fail every time! But I’m pretty sure I’m getting a lot better at it! I do admire those that wrap them perfectly and make them look all pretty and nice!

Most Memorable Holiday Moment?

Probably what I was saying about the year a while back when it snowed so much and it was really really deep! I rememebr going on walks in the snow-it was so fun! That’s why I’m realy hoping it will happen this year!


Do You Make New Year Resolutions? Do You Stick to Them?

I do! Can’t say I stick to them though…

What Makes the Holidays Special to You?

Family time, cosy evenings, Christmas jumpers, food and DIYs-oh, and great blog posts..! 🙂



I am so glad I had a go at the Christmas Tag! There are so many great versions of this, so feel free to have a look! I tag EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, because I know you can do it justice and it is a whole lotta fun! Hope you are enjoying Busy Blogmas! Have an amazing day you lovely lot!

Happy hugs and wintery smileees,


The ‘importanty’ bit at the bottom…

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the heart signature

I camera snap on Sony HX400v ❤

I am posting every day up until Christmas! Yay!

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