Mini Christmas Chocolate Log Bites!

The smell in the kitchen of chocolatey, warm goodness was insane! I really enjoyed making these super easy and bite size pieces that are both Christmassy and chocolatey! But I’m going to be honest with you….they weren’t exactly supposed to turn out this way…yeah…..:)

Happy Busy Blogmas everybodyy

I haven’t done a baking post in what seems like foreverrr, so what better way than with a delicious cosy treat for the December month!

I’ve got to be honest with you though…they weren’t supposed to turn out like bites, they were in fact supposed to be mini chocolate logs, but they cracked and I panicked, so I just folded them and made them snack size treats! I dunno, but I think they turned out quite cute and delicious!


I tried a little extra bit that didn’t fit, and I was surprised that I was actually impressed! They were deeelicious with a perfect amount of cocoa powder and everything else, it is literally the perfect party snack in Winter!

I would have loved them to turn out as log rolls, but they didn’t because I think I over baked them or something, but as little snack bites, I love them still!

Another thing I would change next time is do not add milk to the buttercream, that’s why it went a bit weird, because I added a bit thinking it would be runnier or whatever, but no…just a bit weird looking! But you learn from it and I’m sure next time they will be perfect! At least…I hope!

So, this recipe was for a big chocolate log from BBC good Food but I cut down the amount of mixture because i wasn’t sure if it would work or not! The recipe basically said you needed…

  • 85g Caster sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 85g Plain flour
  • 1/2 tbsp Baking powder
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder


…You whisk the egg and sugar for ages so that it is so airy and fluffy almost. Then add the other dry ingredients to the mix and stir it all up. I whisked my eggs for a really long time so they were niiiice and airy!

Line a baking tray with grease proof and tip in your mixture. Do not smooth it out with a spatula, but just tip the tray so it all runs around and fills the tray. Make sure you get every little bit from the bowl and then whack on the oven!


Once the oven has got to 180 degrees and your tray is ready to go in, pop it in for roughly ten minutes, but keep and eye on it because it could be any sooner or even later. To check I always stick a knife in, if it comes out clean, then it’s done!

Whilst the little guy is in the oven, you’re going to want to make some buttercream to fill the middles. I basically used a buttercream recipe roughly, and added cocoa powder so it was chocolatey. But I made the mistake of adding milk thinking it would be easier to stir, but in fact just made it look strange! Whoops! Oh weeeell…


After you have got the chocolatey goodness out of the oven, you need to wait for it to cool. So flip it over on to a cooling rack, and leave for ten minutes or however long it takes to cool!

Get a knife, and carefully cut a line straight down the middle of the rectangle. Spread your icing all over both strips being generous with your icing. Next is the fun bit, you literally foldit in half, and it should crack through the middle, so you have a chocolate sandwich!

You can be as messy and rustic or neat and tidy as you like, but you next need to use the knife to chop the big slabs up, so you have little pieces that are bite sizes! Yum!


I dusted the top with icing sugar and arranged them on a plate, but I have included a few ideas for decorations on top! ❤

  • Holly shapes out of thick icing
  • Piped bit of icing
  • Icing sugar dusted
  • Bourbon biscuit chunks
  • Water icing piped thinly in a pattern such as zig zags


I hope you can all let me off for posting a bit later, but as you can tell, I was super busy baking for ages! Hopefully this inspires you to get festive baking and get creating yummy things, even if it doesn’t always go to plan…!


Have fun busy little bakers,


Stuff you may want to know…

I use piccollage and tayasui Sketches pro for the heart signature thing…!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am posting every day up until Christmas-yay!

I love every one of you lovely lot! ❤


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