50 Christmas Blogmas Post Ideas

Blogmas, for those that are doing it aswell, will agree that it is a LOT of hard work-you may be making things and DIYs for hours and then spending yet more time on writing, but I’ve found it a whole lotta fun so I’m not complaining! But you may just need that liddle push for ideas, and here they are! 

Hey there people wherever you are in the world!

A lot of you guys really liked it when I posted a blog post ideas a while ago, so I thought that near the start of Blogmas would be the perfect opportunity for yet more ideas to keep your blog fresh and interesting! Because, let’s be honest, you don’t really want to be posting yet anoother dull post that you made just because you needed to post something!

I was going to do 25 for all the days of Christmas, but I thought, do you know what? I can do waay more! 😉

I have made a big big list of unique ideas and DIYs, along with a few old favourites we all know and love! Yay no more bloggers block!

  1. DIY Christmassy Phone Wallpapers (I might be doing a post on this, so watch his space…) 🙂
  2. Festive Baking – Mini Gingerbread houses (I really want to do this but it might fail…) or Mince Pies!
  3. DIY Christmas themed Laptop case
  4. A challenge post (look on YouTube if you’re not sure)
  5. What’s in my bag – Christmas edition (This is sometimes done too much, just be aware)
  6. Handmade Christmas on a budget (things you can make as presents cheaply and quality looking!)
  7. Host a giveaway or challenge-I posted, The Busy Bee Challenge! But have a Christmas theme, maybe?
  8. 37 Christmas Gifts for _______
  9. Reasons to Love the Festive Season 🎄
  10. 3 Different Ways to Decorate a Tree
  11. Christmas DIYs for your garden
  12. Review the latest Christmas decorations from certain shops, which is best for a budget?
  13. How you spent December ___(date)
  14. An account of what you did that day
  15. 15 Blogs that have aced Christmas this year
  16. DIY Christmas Advent Calendars (even if it is a bit late…!)
  17. DIY Christmas themed lip scrubs or beauty products (find a decent recipe)
  18. Bauble Haul! 🙂
  19. Make s collage of present ideas and make a post of it
  20. A post of lots of Wintery photos and arty shots you took!
  21. How to manage Christmas stress-free
  22. DIY Christmas candles
  23. A list of things you have done so far this December Christmas related.
  24. Christmas candle haul
  25. How to make Christmassy Drinks
  26. Festive Doodles! (*ahem* watch this space…)
  27. Looking back on 2016, what you’ve learnt
  28. New Year Blogging Resolutions!
  29. The Christmas Tag (go check out mine!)
  30. Christmas themed room decor
  31. A Haul of wintery clothes, scarves, coats, hats!
  32. DIY Bobble hat phone case (this could mean multiple things, be creative!)
  33. Looking through my sketchbooks of Christmas drawings and sketches!
  34. 34 Typical ‘Christmassy’ things 
  35. Review some festive stationery (ooh festive notebooks…😍)
  36. 100 Blogmas Post Ideas!
  37. Plans for Christmas Day
  38. A winter checklist or wishlist!
  39. DIY Potato stamped notebooks
  40. Camera and photography tips for Winter
  41. All Things Festive (this could include drawings, baking tips, clothes, your favourite things about Winter…)
  42. DIY Christmas gifts for him/her
  43. 8 Books you need to read before Christmas
  44. Do another tag other than the Christmas tag!
  45. Stocking fillers and small gift ideas
  46. 50 Gift Ideas
  47. DIY Christmas Game
  48. Share your Family Traditions you have at Christmas
  49. Aims for 2017
  50. DIY Snowman Treats (baking)

Wow! I can’t believe that’s 50 ideas already! I hope this got you inspired and gave you a few cheeky ideas for your blog, even if you aren’t taking part in Blogmas, just use them as Christmas ideas, because it was very fun to make! I am SO excited for the rest of December because I have a million and one ideas bubbling in my head, in fact I have a notebook dedicated to blog ideas, it’s true! 🙂

I hope you all have the most amazing Christmas, relax and enjoy it!

Happy Blogging,



That ‘importanty’ bit at the end…

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro (see below) for the heart signature thingamajig

I camera snap on Sony HX400v 

I am posting every day until Christmas (Blogmas!)

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